When an individual turns 60, it’s a major milepost achieved in their life. It is often termed as a milestone birthday; their response can be either positive (or) negative. Don’t instinctively assume that everybody frights to accept the age of 60.

The response of the birthday woman or a man depends on their nature and their attitude. So finding out which message to deliver can be quite tricky. Should thebirthday wish or message be a little clever or funny or an inspirational one? It all depends since turning 60 will be a major milepost for anyone in this world; it could have a solid influence or impression on man or a woman who is celebrating his/her birthday.

For some folks, it’s quite a tough situation, because they think that they reached the last period of their life. This kind of realization can simply make the birthday folk feel like an old person, which has a definite impact on what are you going to wish or a quote you deliver.

Types of 60 year old folks

  • For smart (or) cultured 60 year folks, go with the cool messaging path
  • For the emotional and sentimental types, just post a simple happy wishing route
  • For charming and enigmatic people, you can send them the best inspirational quote
  • For the 60 year folks who love to be entertained all the time, try something from funny messages

Are there many people in your family and your friend’s network who turns 60? If yes, you are in the right place. It starts right from your grandparents, or your father, or your old friend, or your loving aunt or uncle or even your boss that might retire on his birthday. You always wish these loving and caring people to live long and share a good bonding between you and these old folks.


Life is a beautiful struggle. Sometimes, it’s beautiful, sometimes just a struggle. Make beautiful memories when you can. Happy 60th birthday!

The years can show on your face, but in your mind they have no place. You may have turned sixty, but your soul thinks that it is still thirty. Physically age may start playing its part, but you will always be young at heart. Happy birthday.

By the time you’re 60 you’ve learned everything – you only have to remember it! Many happy returns on your 60th birthday!

When you turn 60, you no longer have to make up any excuses for driving slow or braking for no reason. You have now earned that privilege! Ha-Ha happy 60th birthday!

Promise me one thing. Please, whatever you do, don’t look up the average life expectancy now that you have turned 60.

Congratulations, you are now old enough you can use your back or your demented mind as an excuse to get out of just about anything you don’t want to have to do. Happy 60th birthday!

Some may think of 60 as getting older, but it’s actually an amazing time in a person’s life where they can take stock of who they are and celebrate each new day with a renewed sense of self! Live life to the fullest! Happy Birthday!

Your message can change the way they are thinking right now about their age and some kind of inspirational quotes will definitely impose and change their attitude to spend their rest of the life happy. There might be different types of messages you want to send these people who are celebrating their 60th birthday. You might add a funny message or an inspirational quote which can be tagged with a memorable incident that happened between you both people.

If you are trying to determine which one of quotes is right for your 60 year old folks, you just need to peek into their thinking and the attitude they carry. Since you are constantly in touch with these people, and you know it on beforehand about how are they going to accept your 60th birthday quote or a wish.

The kind of birthday wish or quote in a message you select depends mostly on how they are going to take your message rather than which one is good. Though the message could be a simple one, it just replenishes their mind and heart and makes them feel more enthusiastic about spending the last era of their life in a happy mode.

Birthday wishes for a 60 year old friend

60th birthday greetings

Happy birthday! Heck, you’re not 60 years old — you’re 60 years of vintage goodness, all rolled up in one amazing person.

Look back on your life and see if you have made a change in our world or not. If you haven’t, you still have lots of time to do so. Continue and value your precious life! I wish you a Happy Birthday!

Wishing a dear a friend, a Happy 60th Birthday! You have never ceased to be there for me, during good and bad times. May your birthday be joyful! May you only keep company with people who love and support you!

Your mind may tell you you’re 60 but your heart and soul say otherwise. Happy birthday to the youngest 60 year old I know.

How do you expect me to keep a straight face, when your hair is all over the place? How do you expect me not to mock, the way you have begun to funnily walk? How do you expect me not to make fun of you, when turning sixty makes you feel old and blue? Happy birthday!

60 really looks great on you! Have a fantastic birthday!

Now that you’re 60, you’re going to have to stop acting like a 20-year-old. Your midlife crisis just graduated.

We wishing you all the best and lot of rest on your special day and the upcoming year! Happy 60th Birthday!

Happy birthday! Turning 60 is not the end of the world — who knows, it could be the beginning of something new, something you’ve always wanted to do, something magical!

Turning 60 quotes dad quotes

60th birthday wishes

You’ve reached this age but you’re still immature. But we love it! Happy Birthday, old man!

Sending you a wishes, on your 60th Birthday! I wish you complete and utter happiness! I wish that your children and grandchildren always see what a stupendous person that you are! I wish only the very best, to a devoted and fantastic friend!

Life now gives you a chance to laze, all of your worries should be set ablaze. Just like all of those candles on that tiny birthday cake. Ha-Ha! Happy 60th birthday.

Happy 60th birthday. Even though your body may prove you wrong from time to time, you’re still as young as you feel. You must feel great!

You are too old for a big night out but still too young to quietly celebrate with just tea and cookies. Welcome to your sixties – an utterly confusing period of your life. Happy birthday!

You’re 60! Time to start yelling at the television. All the very best on your special day!

You’re no longer middle aged.  So… what does that make you? End aged? That sounds depressing. Happy 60th birthday!

Happy Birthday to the world’s most talented and beautiful person I know.

They say that every wrinkle has a story. By the looks of it, it seems like you have a lot of stories to tell. Ha-Ha! Happy 60th birthday!

Funny 60th birthday quotes

Our 60th Birthday quotes and a collection of funny messages, amusing quotes about becoming more matured, jokes about the age and some inspirational writings for speeches will end person’s 60th birthday on a happy note. We can browse our page for finding a perfect 60th birthday quote orfunny birthday wish for your 60 year old dad or your grandma.

Cards for 60th birthday

I know why you are happy about turning sixty – you are just a few years away from getting old age benefits. Happy 60th!

Wishing a person who knows the true meaning of friendship, a very, Happy 60th Birthday! You are loyal, kind, and honest! May who you are be honored, on this most, special occasion!

They said, life starts at 40 but mine started when I retired. So for me, life starts at 60, and your life is just starting now. Let go of the worries about getting old, if you think about it, you are younger than you will be tomorrow and the next days to come. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your 60th birthday celebration!

I can’t add years in your life, but I can add life in your years… Happy Birthday!!

You’re 60 today, and I just want to say: happy birthday to a woman I have looked up to all my life. I love you, and I cherish you as a member of my family and my best friend.

Scientist say that with the latest medical technology, the average life expectancy is set to be 120. If that is true then you’re still only halfway there. Feel free to have a second mid-life crisis. Ha-Ha! Happy 60th birthday!

Turning 60 may add wrinkles to your face, dark circles under your eyes and pounds to your tummy, but it will never take away your beautiful outlook on life (and that’s what counts, anyway). Happy 60th birthday!

I don’t think you’ll miss your 50s much with as much fun as we are planning to have during your 60s!

You are one of the kindest person I know, it’s no surprise that you make it this far because you have a happy and healthy heart. Your heart contains nothing but kind words and love, I admire you for that. I hope that the Lord will bless you more years, and that you will continue spreading kindness in this harsh world. Happy 60th birthday! This universe is undeniably lucky to have you in it.

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