Do you play video games? In this case, we have a stunning collection of call of duty memes for real fans of this shooter. If you play a lot of video games, most probably you have Call of Duty in your collection. The following funny cod memes can be used to invite your friends and play together in the evening. All cod memes presented in this collection are unique. We have picked up the most creative illustrations and matching jokes. If your friends are real fans of this video game franchise, they will appreciate to see some Call of Duty funny pictures on social networks. So, hurry up to share these awesome memes.

Call of duty memes

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Funny COD Memes

Funny cod memes
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Funny cod images

Funny COD Pics

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Call of Duty Memes

Nowadays, young people can’t imagine their free time without playing video games. There are thousands of various video games available online. If you are a gamer, most probably you know all of the Call of Duty games: from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: WWII. Let the following Call of Duty memes remind you what the fun you can have while playing in the video games.

Call of duty memes with captions

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Black Ops Memes

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in 2010. The story is about CIA operative Alex Mason and Jason Hudson who are the main playable characters is the game. The whole thing takes place in the 1960s during the Cold War. Check out the next black ops memes or black ops 2 memes to recall all of the funny moment you had while playing both parts.

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Black ops 2 memes

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Black ops 2 pictures

Call of Duty Zombies Memes

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