Having a baby is endearing for new parents. The excitement starts when the doctor declares: ‘It’s a baby boy (or girl)’. Then what follows thereafter is baby in hospital pictures on social media welcoming the new born. At times you might be at hospital, waiting to see the baby or receive a phone call at work bearing the good news. If you are a close family member or acquaintance to the new parents, you will want to come up with creative ideas on how to share your heartfelt congratulation message with them. Coming up with such messages can be daunting at first.

Being a new parent is a very exciting experience and the parents will feel loved and supported by their friends who please them with congratulatory greetings and messages. They will forever remember your good deeds and keep you in mind when your occasion comes.

There are many ways to pass your wishes to new parents, but definitely you’d want to choose the best message that resonates аwell with your actual feelings towards the new born and the parents. Your message to the new parents must strike a good balance of creativity, sentiment and being genuine. At times even funny messages can do the trick perfectly. Eventually you will create or choose a reliable message to jot down on the greeting card to be delivered along with your gift of a complete package.

No matter which medium you choose to send your message; an email, text message, greetings / gift card or postcard, your message must be spot on, elaborate and beautifully written. We took time to create a list for you. One full of apt congratulations, wishes, greetings and messages for new parents. You definitely will find at least one message that works best for you. Have a look below.

New parents quotes

A beautiful baby has come to fill your lives with joy and bliss. May all the precious little moments always warm your heart.

Now that you’ve fulfilled your role in the great Circle of Life, get ready to face the consequences: lack of sleep, loss of privacy, and an inadequate supply of clean clothes. Congratulations!

There is nothing we can say that will show how much we love you and your new baby. We cannot wait to meet him/ her! This is such a marvelous time. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your first baby! My wishes are with you and your family. It is going to be an adventurous journey and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

The birth of your newborn will usher you into a new phase of your life. Now you are no longer just man and wife. Maturity and wisdom will envelop your behavior and personalities forever. Now you have become a loving mother and a responsible father. Congratulations.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May you cherish this special time and may it be filled with lots of joyous memories. All the best.

Congratulations to super parents on their beautiful baby! Wishing a great time starting your life all over again. Lots of love.

Wishes for new parents

Congratulations awe-struck mom and dad! I don’t want to pierce your happy bubble, but that baby is going to take up most of your time, energy and patience for the next 18 years. It will be the experience of a lifetime; I guarantee it.

Can you believe how quickly those 9 months passed? I hate to tell you, but the next 18 years will go by just as quickly. Take the time to enjoy every little moment. Congrats n your new baby.

The coolest thing you can have in this world is your baby. Congrats! May your little one grow in understanding, wisdom and knowledge in every way. God bless!

50% mommy, 50% daddy, 100% baby (or baby’s name)! Best wishes on the arrival of your new baby.

So precious, so small, so sweet. Two tiny hands, two tiny feet. Cute smiles and endless giggles, sweet nothings and adorable wriggles. All this and a lot more, is what will make your life soar. Congratulations.

We’re really excited to hear that your newest family member has arrived safe and sound!! May you be blessed with lots of loving memories during this special time as new parents. Wishing you all the very best.

Congratulations and best of luck. You are going to be great parents!

This is amazing news; congratulations on the birth of your first child. This baby will fill up those empty spaces in your life you didn’t even know you had.

Sweetness personified and limitless cuteness. Mix the two and what you will get is a baby who’s just like you two. Congratulations for the adorable munchkins.

Wishing you both much joy and happiness with the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May you find babyhood a wonderful and rewarding experience filled with lots of loving memories. All the very best during this time.

Congratulation images to New Parents

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