Do you love jokes about animals? Well, discover a very impressive collection of cow jokes. These cow puns will boost your mood straight away. This kind of humor most of the people love very much. These jokes sound funny and they do not offend people’s feelings at all. This is a kind of humor you should post on Facebook to entertain people of all ages. Just relax and laugh. Well, some of your friends may take these jokes personally, but this is not your business. You have the right to post any kind of jokes online without thinking whether people like them or not. This is the way to express your sense of humor. Stay positive and spread these jokes online.

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Cow jokes

Two cows were out in a field eating grass. One cow turns to the other cow and says, “Moooooo!” “Hey”, the other cow replies…. “I was just about to say the same thing!”

Q: Where do cows go for lunch? A: The calf-eteria.

Q: How do you get a cow to keep quiet?
A: Press the moooote button.

Two cows are standing in a field.
The first cow looks at the other and says “What do you think about all this talk of mad cow disease?
The second cow replies, “Why should I care, I’m a helicopter.”

My cow refuses to give milk, and you know why, of course. She’s been grazing in the field too long,… And now she thinks she’s a horse.

There are two cows standing in a field.
The first cow says to the other, “I was artificially inseminated this morning.”
The second cow replies, “No way, I don’t believe you.”
The first says, “It’s true, no bull.”

I had problems milking my cow one morning. It was an udder failure.

Q: What do you call a sleeping cow?
A: A bull dozer.

When the farmer counted his cows in the field he had 196 cows.
When he rounded them up he had 200.

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Check out a huge variety of jokes about funny cows. Animals are lovely and especially cows. That is why people love to compose very funny jokes about cows. However, such jokes may have a double meaning. Using this kind of jokes you can entertain people and, at the same time, insult them like crazy. The result will depend on your intention and on people you decide to send the following jokes to. You will see that many of your friends and subscribers will love these jokes a lot because they are super funny and unique.

Q: What do you call a herd of cows masturbating? A: Beef strokin’ off.

What did the mother cow say to the baby cow? “It’s pasture bed time.”

Two farmers are talking one day. The first tells the other that he’s had to shoot one of his cows.
The second farmer asks, “Was it mad?”
The first one replies, “Well it wasn’t very happy about it.

Q: Why was it hard to brush the heifer’s hair?
A: She had a cow lick.

What do you get if you cross a cow with a ghost?
Vanishing cream.

Q: What do you call a herd of cows masturbating? A: Beef strokin’ off.

Q: Why can’t a cow become a detective? A: They refuse to go on Steakouts!

My wife left me for an Indian guy. – I know he’s going to treat her well, I heard they worship cows.

Q: What do you get when you cross an angry sheep with a moody cow?
A: An animal that’s in a baaaaaaaad moooooood.

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Funny cows images

Funny cows pictures

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