Some people love black humor. If you belong to this group of people, you will enjoy the following dark jokes. This is the most creative and funniest content you have ever seen. Posting these jokes you will create a special reputation among your online friends. Be prepared that some people will not like the jokes you post, but it does not matter you have to listen to them. You are free to share any kind o jokes you like and let people decide whether to read them or just ignore.

Dark jokes on images

Dark jokes

You know you’re ugly when you get handed the camera every time they make a group photo.

A man went into a library and asked for a book on how to commit suicide. The librarian said: “Fuck off, you won’t bring it back.”

Why can’t orphans play baseball?
They dont know where home is.

Why did Hitler kill himself?
He saw the gas bill.

Wow, honey, I never thought our son would go that far!
Yeah, the catapult is really amazing. Go get our daughter!

What do you call a blonde in the freezer?
Her parents named her Cindy so we should probably continue to call her that. She was supposed to graduate tomorrow.

To teach kids about democracy, I let them vote on dinner.

They picked pizza. Then I made tacos because they don’t live in a swing state.

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Dark humour

Do you enjoy dark humour? Well, you are not the only one who enjoys dark humour jokes. You will be impressed after reading this collection. Some people will be offended, this is for sure, but who cares. We are free to express ourselves the way we want. These are just jokes and they can’t harm anyone. On the contrary, such dark jokes are hilarious and they will make many people laugh.

A black guy and a Mexican are in a car. Who’s driving?
The cop.

Q: When does a joke become a dad joke?
A: When it’s fully groan.

How can you tell your acne is really starting to get out of hand?
The blind start reading your face.

Why was the leper hockey game cancelled?
There was a face off in the corner.

What’s got 5 arms, 3 legs and 2 feet?
The finish line at the Boston Marathon.

My grandmother used to tell us a joke. She’d say “Knock knock”, we’d say “Who’s there?”. Then she’d say “I can’t remember”… and start to cry.

I finally got one of those roof boxes for the car. It’s very practical. I can barely hear my kids now.

Dark humour on images

Funny dark jokes

What kind of jokes can make you laugh? Check out our new collection of funny dark jokes. This selection of funny humor jokes is really fabulous. You will not find more creative and spicy content for posting on Facebook than this collection of very dark jokes. Make all your friends laugh like crazy.

If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.

What’s worse than the Holocaust?
6 million Jews.

Q: Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?
A: Because they taste funny.

Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.

My old aunts would come and tease me at weddings, “Well Sarah? Do you think you’ll be next?

We’ve settled this quickly once I’ve started doing the same to them at funerals.

An owl and a squirrel are sitting in a tree, watching a farmer go by.

The owl turns to the squirrel and says nothing, because owls can’t talk.

The owl then eats the squirrel because it’s a bird of prey.

What did the Boston Marathon bombers do that Hitler couldn’t?
Ended a race.

What do Pink Floyd and Princess Diana have in common?
Their last big hit was the wall.

Titanic: „And I’m nominating all passengers for the Ice Bucket Challenge!”

Dark jokes on images

Funny dark jokes on images

Funny dark jokes on pics

Really dark jokes on images

Really dark jokes on pics

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