How many times have you had this overwhelming urge to make a facepalm gesture? Perhaps every time your friend says something stupid in front of the girls while trying to impress them. Or when you hear someone talking nonsense when it comes to the topic you know, but they don’t. Well, there are a great number of situations when you can’t do without a facepalm meme. That’s why we have selected the most humorous facepalm memes so you could use them every time you need to express your frustration, exasperation, embarrassment or sarcasm. The following facepalm picture perfectly illustrates a feeling of fatal mistake, irritation, disappointment, etc.

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Face Palm Meme

This face palm meme will go viral, once you share it with your online friends. You can pick up any facepalm image from this selection to show how you feel about something. Find the best idea how to express your feelings in a creative way. Using these memes it has never been so easy.

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Palm Face Meme

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Captain Picard Memes

Jean-Luc Picard or just Capital Picard is well-known character in the Star Trek franchise. If it wasn’t for him, facepalm wouln’t be so popular. Captain Picard make his famous facepalm in the episode “Deja Q” of Star Trek the Next Generation. Since then his gesture has been made into numerous Captain Picard  Facepalm memes and funny pictures.

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Facepalm Meme

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