We all know how it happens with memes – somebody posts a funny photo, and then the next thing you know, people start photoshopping like crazy, and as a result, the internet is filled with numerous memes. The same thing happened to a photo of a chubby girl running with a bubble maker in her hand. A little ‘Bubbles Girl’, as she’s called sometimes, has inspired millions of people for creating some hilarious photoshop memes. Take for example the ones which show her running from a dinosaur or a cheetah. The following fat girl running away memes have been created to make people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for autumn depression and bad mood. If you try to lose weight and this process goes very difficult for you, check the following fat girl running meme. It is not possible to contain laughter after seeing such a funny running girl meme. Plus, if you have any interesting ideas, you can come up with your own little girl running meme. What’s more, the following pictures illustrate one of the common problems of our modern society, which are lack of activity and overweight.

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Little Girl Running Meme

Children are funny, well, most of the time. They bring a lot of joy into our boring daily lives. Have a look at this little girl running meme. Isn’t it awesome? And this fat little girl running picture shows how funny fat children can look like. How do you think what is Bubbles Girl running from? Take this image transparency of the running girl and give us your ideas.

bubbles girl image transparency

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Chubby Bubbles Girl Meme

Well, all small children look cute. Check out this cute chubby bubbles girl pictures and you will agree that the girl just couldn’t avoid  becoming the top chubby bubbles meme.

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