Do you agree that flirting is an art? Sadly, this art isn’t easy obtainable. Let take, for example, Ross Geller, who couldn’t flirt at all. Really, try to recall the episode when he was kind of flirting with a pizza delivery girl? All of those talks about gases and stuff, that was terrible. When we are too nervous, we all start flirting like Ross and mess everything up. However, you must look on the bright: without confusing situations in flirting and failed dates we wouldn’t have had so many hilarious flirty memes. Below you will find a great number of flirty memes and flirting ecards, which can give you some flirting tips. Any flirt meme you choose, will make a super effect on your partner. If you like someone, but does not know how to make a move, you can send any flirting meme by email or Facebook. Be sure that a person you like will react straight away. All the following memes about flirt are hilarious. They are sexy and funny at the same time.

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Once you open our gallery, you will be impressed by a great variety of funny flirty memes we have collected just for you. The funny flirt illustrations and pictures are exactly what you need if you are a shy person. We’ll explain. Let’s say, you like someone a lot, but you are way too afraid to make the first move because there’s always a chance to be blown off. In this case, you’ll have a backup plan in the form of small jokes about flirting so that you can pretend that you weren’t serious.

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Funny flirty pictures

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