How much do you know about memes? Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a word ‘meme’ is a funny picture with captions. But did you know that there are quite a few different meme categories. Rage comic spin-off characters are considered to be ones of the first memes on the internet. Forever alone meme is probably the most recognizable rage comic character that represents loneliness and unhappiness with his own life. Sounds like a sad meme, right? Actually, it’s not. Pictures with forever alone guy are designed to make fun of people who don’t have any relationship in order to make the situation lighter. It goes without saying, such forever alone memes are on the top of their popularity. Nowadays, many people feel lonely. Modern society has all means of communication with each other, such as social nets, cell phones, video chats, etc., but somehow we become more distant from others. The following forever alone meme perfectly describes this social issue, but present it in a humorous way. Some people suffer a lot when they are alone, while others just enjoy their space, hobbies and just freedom. No matter what happens in your life, try to stay positive. You are never alone, unless this is your choice.

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Forever Alone Memes

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The first and foremost aim of forever alone meme is to exaggerate the state of loneliness. If a person is not in relationships, it does not mean he is completely alone. So you don’t have to take the following lonely memes too seriously. Ok?

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