Have you ever been to a party where you were the only sober person? If yes, then you know what kind of hilarious situations happen to drunk people. Before you start asking: ‘Why are you reffering only to the sober guys?” The answer is obvious – most people who get wasted don’t remember a thing from what they are doing while drunk. But we wouldn’t have such a great variety of funny drunk memes if it wasn’t for people whose stories start with the phrase ‘I got so drunk yesterday’. The collection of hilarious drunk memes won’t leave you indifferent. You can use the following drunk girl memes to entertain your friends and remind them about the party you had last night.

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Girls and liquor – these are two words that promise something unforgettable. That’s why the drunk girl meme is something you can’t miss. We all do ridiculous things or say something stupid when we are drunk. It’s quite common for drunk people to call their exes and start telling things which they would never tell if they were sober. Never, can you hear, never send sms when you are wasted. Or just switcth off your phone! Otherwise, there’s a chance you will become the next drunk texting meme.

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when you see your drunk texts meme

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Your friends will definitely enjoy the following funny drunk memes, which have been recently updated in our meme gallery. The best funny drinking memes are waiting for you!

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Funny drinking memes

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have you ever been so drunk meme

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A bad friend won’t notice that you are drunk, a good friend will be there to help you and the best friend will take a lot of photos of you and make a video for YouTube. Choose what kind of friend you are while watching the following drunk friend memes.

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