The classic era of influential gangsters such as Al Capone or Frank Costello is in the past now. But it doesn’t mean that there are no modern gangsters. For most of us the word ‘gangster’ is associated with a criminal who is a member of a gang that is involved in various crimes from robberies and drug dealing to murders. However, popular culture, movies and rap music in particular, has changed the idea a bit. Nowadays, being a gangster (or gangsta) is considered to be cool. Of course, all of this gangster stuff couldn’t avoid being turned into hilarious memes. If the gangster topic is interesting for you, check out some very cool gangster memes we have uploaded recently. The gangsta meme is very popular now, especially among men. Some memes with gangsters can be used in order to tease those people who find gangster principles acceptable. But not only for this purpose. There are tons of ways of how you can use the following gangster memes: as a birthday card, as an invitation to watch ‘The Godfather’, for example, or as a simple joke.

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Do you want to make a cool greeting card for your boyfriend or brother? You can use the following gangster memes. The wannabe gangster meme will make a very good impression.

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Have a look at the funny gangster memes below. This is a special collection for real gangsters. You can share the funny gangster pictures via social media networks or send them personally by email.

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Do you know already whom you want to send this gangster meme? Along with funny pictures we have a huge variety of quotes about fake gangsters, which match perfectly together.

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