Do you love The Little Rascals? It is an American family comedy film that was released in 1994. The film tells the story of a group of neighborhood children and their adventures. So, if you watched the movie, it is very difficult not to love the jokes and interesting dialogues. Below, you will discover a lot of famous Little Rascals quotes which you can share with your best friends. Read quotes from The Little Rascals song “I’ve got two pickles”, and recall all of the impressions you had from this film! Moreover, you can be sure that you’ll receive many likes and comments if you decide to share the awesome quotes from The Little Rascals on Facebook. Here they are:

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Little Rascals Quotes

When was the last time we beat you up?

Spanky: How’s the toothache, bub?
Alfalfa: Uh, dentist pulled my wisdom teeth.
Spanky: So that explains why you’re acting so stupid.

Dear Darla, I can’t live without you…Really… I’m not kidding.

Stymie: “You know what they say, wood doesn’t grow on trees”

You’re a team like Bert and Ernie, Superman and Clark Kent!

Buckwheat: Hey, Spanky, me and Porky have an idea.
George “Spanky” McFarland: Keep it, you might need it when you grow up!
Buckwheat: Oh-tay.

Why are boys such jerks?

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I Got a Pickle Little Rascals

The song about pickles is one of the best moments of The Little Rascals movie. the lyrics is as simple as that. Take a look what Buckwheat was singing about:

I got two pickles, I got two pickles, I got two pickles, hey, hey, hey, hey.

I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey, hey, hey, hey.

I have two pickles, I have two pickles, I have two ..hey a doot dat dee little woo wang wing biggle, I have two pickles

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Alfalfa Quotes

Alfalfa Switzer is one of the main characters in The Little Rascals and you probably remember some of his famous lines and memorable quotes presented below.

Alfalfa: Why am I soaking wet?
Porky: Don’t worry, Alfalfa. I used to have the same problem.
The Rascals: (laughing)
Spanky: It’s just a hole in the tent.

Waldo: We just moved into town. My father bought the oil refinery.
Darla:: That explains why you’re so refined!
Alfalfa: Yeah, and so oily!

Alfalfa: Is Spanky home?
Mr. McFarland: I’m sorry, Alfalfa. Spanky isn’t here.

Alfalfa: Oh, then the clouds opened up and God said, “I hate you, Alfalfa!”
Woim: Nice tan!
Butch: Any last words?
Alfalfa: Yeah, uh! See ya!

Butch: “When’s the last time we beat you up?”
Alfalfa: “Well, let’s see…today’s the 10th, 30 days hath September, April, June, and November. It’s not a leap year. Yyyyyesterday.

Alfalfa: The two if us will be singing a duet. Together.
Waldo: How redundant.
Alfalfa: Thank you.

Alfalfa: All knights ride into battle wearing the colors of their lady fair!

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Dear Darla Little Rascals

If you are a fan of The Little Rascals, you should check out this dear darla letter. This is something you can’t miss. If you enjoy watching this funny movie which is full of adventures, these quotes and sayings will make your day!

Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re scum between my toes! Love, Alfalfa.

Darla: Just as I thought, you are ashamed of me
Alfalfa: I’m not ashamed of you I’m proud of you… I just don’t want anyone to see you.

That explains why you’re so refined!

Darla: This tastes like somebody poured it through an old boot!
Billy “Froggy” Laughlin: Actually, it’s a sneaker!

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Little Rascals Quotes

Those of you who love the Little Rascals movie know the lines from it almost by heart. You will definitely recognize some of the little rascals quotes we posted below.

Stymie: You only meet your once in a lifetime friends… once in a lifetime.

Alfalfa: Love note? NO! This is gonna be a hate note! Buckwheat, Porky: Sounds good to me!

Darla: Alfalfa, that’s a part of you I’ve never seen before!

Stymie: Wood doesn’t grow on trees!

Hey, Uh-Huh, does it stink in there?


Waldo: We just moved into town. My father bought the oil refinery. Darla: That explains why you’re so refined! Alfalfa: Yeah, and so oily!

A.J. Ferguson:
Is that a cowlick, or are you just happy to see me?

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