It doesn’t matter how long you are in a relationship with the woman, she needs constant attention, tenderness, and care. Sending touching love quotes for her is one of the possible ways to make her smile and feel loved. Let tender words touch the heart of your beloved lady deeply and bring her awesome emotions  which will adorn her life.

Top Romantic Love Quotes for Her

A woman always falls in love through her ears, so don’t forget to remind how happy you are with her and how marvelous she is. Submitted love quotes below might help you to express your sweet, romantic or even funny mood.


Cute love quotes for her:

  1. The heaven became empty without you because you left it and became my personal angel, I love you so much.
  2. Our life is so short, so I want to spend this instant with you.
  3. Now and always my daily ritual will be to kiss you, hug you and tell you how much I adore you.
  4. Dear, be a sweet, feminine and whimsical woman, I will always take care of you and protect you.
  5. True love cannot be measured, explained or described, it is felt by two people and makes their world go around.
  6. Your glance raises me to the heaven, you are everything that I have ever dreamt of.
  7. Long ago my heart has turned to splinters, but your care and love helped it to beat again and to learn how to trust and love.
  8. For your sake, I am ready to become a Prometheus and endure a daily torture if I hear your laughter and see the charming smile.
  9. Thanks to you, in cold winter the spring blossoms again in my soul.
  10. I dream of immortalizing you in literature, art, and architecture, but I realized that the talent of all the people of the world is not enough to convey your perfection. I love you infinitely.
  11. I regret those years that I had spent without you, you breathed life into me and became my inspiration.
  12. You are a woman with a great soul and an open heart, in you, I see the mother of my future children. I love you.
  13. My dream is to create a cozy place for us and to see your reflection in our children.
  14. I found my home and paradise with you.
  15. You are a wonderful nymph, who has captivated my heart and I have only one wish – do not let me go.
  16. We went towards each other from different parts of the world, because we followed the thread that united our hearts long before we were born.
  17. You do not have to knock on the door of my heart because you have got a key.
  18. The combination of your mind and body drives me crazy, I am mad about you.
  19. The only constant in my life is love for you, wherever I am – it always warms my heart.
  20. You made me a rich man because your unconditional faith in me and deep affection are an amazing wealth.
  21. Light of your soul illuminates my path in life, you are my guiding star.
  22. When I am with you, I feel that I am capable of performing heroic deeds, you’re an amazing woman.
  23. To be your boyfriend is a privilege, to love you is a vital need, to please you always is my life goal.
  24. What matters most to me is you. I live to make you happy.
  25. All day and night you’re on my mind, I am addicted to your voice, touches, and our intimate talks. I love you.


Sweet I Love You Quotes for Her:

If it wasn’t for love, people would have died of boredom and pointlessness of life long time ago. Love gives contentment and sense to our lives. Love is both the reason and the purpose. But most of us start experiencing the lack of words when it comes to expressing the feelings. If you are in a similar situation, feel free to use the following ideas of sweet quotes to say ‘I love you’ to the girl who doesn’t leave your thoughts for a second.

  1. You are a unique woman, you see all my disadvantages and still love me and accept me.
  2. Even thousands of stars won’t shine brighter, than your smile, you are a beautiful woman – both inside and out.
  3. Words of love said by you are the most pleasing music both for my ears and heart.
  4. You gave me tears of happiness, moments of joy, and I am sure that years of bliss are ahead of us.
  5. The only reason for love and happiness is a correctly chosen partner, I’ve already made my choice.
  6. Thanks to you the cold indifference of this world has changed into a warm hospitality, you are a remarkable woman.
  7. The only thing I can watch forever is your beautiful eyes in the morning.
  8. You are a part of me, when I look deep into your eyes, I see myself.
  9. If for the sake of your happiness you need the stars, then I’ll put the veil of the millions of bright stars at your feet.
  10. Can I live without you? – Yes, but I don’t need such life because it will be senseless.
  11. One life with you is nothing for me, I need an eternity with you.
  12. My pride, self-confidence, and arrogance have disappeared after I have met you, you made me a better person.
  13. Every note of the melody of our love is filled with unique tenderness, affection, and warmth, you are my living dream.
  14. Your kiss is magical because it can relieve my physical fatigue and heal mental grief.
  15. Next to you, I found myself as a personality, as a human and as a man, you made me complete.
  16. God gave me forgiveness and the major miracle in my life – the meeting with you, my heart is yours.
  17. You are all that matters to me, my love for you will last eternally.
  18. Your dazzling beauty struck me, but when I looked into the depths of your heart, I was captivated by your sincerity, innocence, and purity. You are one in a million.
  19. It was love at first sight because I wanted to touch your soul, not your body.
  20. My beloved, though I cannot offer you the whole world, but I give you everything I have – please, be the queen of my heart.
  21. With you I am ready for the biggest gamble of my life – to fall in love.
  22. Only with you such intimate things as talking before going to bed about the hopes and disappointments became right and necessary, you are not just my wife, you are my best friend.
  23. Before our meeting, I was ready to believe in the existence of UFOs, but not in eternal love, but you showed me that the only real thing in this world – it is love.
  24. The only coin in our lives that will never depreciate is a loyalty and devotion, I offer it to you.
  25. Passion can turn the heart to ashes, whereas love heals the wounds and becomes a beautiful blooming flower.
  26. I want is to share the memories of yesterday, the happiness of the present and hopes for the future with you.
  27. My dear girl, every day I cherish memories of the moment when you stole my heart, it was an ideal crime.
  28. I saw you different – whimsical, funny, sad and angry, but I love you all and each of your 100 moods.
  29. My life is divided into two periods: it was gloomy when I was single and after our meeting it became colorful, I love you madly.
  30. Because of you, I know what it feels like to fly into the sky and to soar in the clouds. You are my personal heaven.


Best Love Quotes for Her:

It’s hard to single out the best love quotes because the criteria can be subjective, but at least we made an attempt. Of course, your better half deserves only the best words of love which you may find in the list of love quotes and sayings for her below.

  1. You covered me with a blanket of love and gave me an ocean of tenderness, the least I can do for you is to cherish you for the rest of my life.
  2. You were with me when I needed it most, no one and nothing means more to me than you.
  3. I love you – for me, it means that I am ready to endure hundreds of years of tortures and misery for the sake of your well-being.
  4. I am proud to call you my woman, my destiny, and my greatest love.
  5. Our souls are twins, who were separated, but finally, have found each other, I will never let you go.
  6. You are my greatest pleasure and pain, my greatest happiness and my punishment, you are full of contradictions that have captivated my heart long ago.
  7. Without you I am vulnerable, with you by my side I am might you give me strength, without you I am nothing.
  8. If every time I confessed to you in love, on the ground grew a rose, then the entire planet would be a huge garden.
  9. My poem about love was empty, unless you have written music, and it sounded as a beautiful song about the great feeling.
  10. I will hear your whisper everywhere, I will recognize you among thousands of others because love for you has existed long before we met and will continue to exist for many centuries thereafter.
  11. Love taught me how to see you not with my eyes, but with my heart.
  12. I love you so much, my sweet! You are a truly blessed wife, mother, and friend, I am lucky to be your man.
  13. I am always with you, even when thousands of kilometers divide us, but how can a distance destroy what has been connected to God?
  14. Love is one short word that changed my life and gave a whirlwind of emotions.
  15. Sweetheart, my heart is in your tender, feminine hands, there is no more suitable and safe place for it.
  16. In distorted mirrors of hypocrisy, I saw a ray of hope – your beautiful soul, and that day I decided to make you my wife, you are all I need to be happy.
  17. For many years we are together, and each time the smell of your hair is driving me crazy, I love you madly.
  18. I saw your graceful walk, and could not look away, your lovely smile stunned me, I thought that nothing could have been better, but I heard the sound of your laughter, and you conquered me once and for all. I love you.
  19. Three main components of happiness are mutual love, good health, and a favorite hobby, I am lucky because I possess all.
  20. With you I can be myself without fear to be funny, convicted or misunderstood. Thank you, darling.
  21. All my life I will hold your hand, I am your support and whatever happens, I’ll always be there.
  22. The most beautiful things in life cannot be touched, evaluated or bought, you can only feel them. I feel your affection, you are a beautiful woman, I love you.
  23. Our world of love and harmony cannot be understood by billions of people, it is a quiet harbor, where I can relax and enjoy life.
  24. You’ll make me the happiest man in the world if let me prove you every day how ardently I love you.
  25. To love means to open your heart to another person knowing that she can break it down and hurt your soul, love is the absolute trust and it is between us.
  26. Do you know how I understood that I love you? When I closed my eyes, I saw your beautiful face.
  27. The moon and the sun together don’t impress me as strong as your smile. You are a fantastic woman, whom I love with all my heart.
  28. Sometimes I am jealous of myself because I love and loved by such an amazing woman like you.
  29. True love is impossible without torture, but I am glad that we’ve overcome it and the connection between us became only stronger. I love you so much.


Deep Love Quotes for Girlfriend:

Nothing can be compared to that feeling when you fall in love for the first time. We’re not going to write all of the clichés like ‘the birds are singing’ and ‘the sun is shining’ for you, it’s understandable. But what we want to say to you is that being in the relationship isn’t a piece of cake. If you want to keep the fire of passion and romance strong, both partners have to work on their relationships. It can be easily done with the next quotes about deep love dedicated to girlfriend.

  1. Let sometimes you fall asleep without me and I cannot share with you all the happy moments, you should know that for you I’ll do anything.
  2. Your integrity, honesty, and stubbornness amaze me every day, you’re just gorgeous.
  3. Your wit is sexy, your passion is contagious, your love is boundless. Wow, I am really a lucky beggar.
  4. There is a lovely proverb that love rules the kingdom without a sword, it is about us – you rule my heart with tenderness and care.
  5. Love is a risk, but it is justified, because only when our soul is filled with love – it is immortal.
  6. It is impossible to learn how to love, your heart will show you the right path.
  7. The more you give me – the more I give you in return, our love is mutual.
  8. Only you can hear the bitterness when I say everything is good, and only you know what hides behind my happy smile, you are an integral part of me, only because of you I live.
  9. To love you is a necessity, I do not live if I do not love.
  10. When I leave you even for a second, I miss you, your inner warmth and fondness are a magnet that attracts me.
  11. When I have met you, my ego has disappeared and selfless affection was born in my heart.
  12. The fragrance of your hair has intoxicated me, you put a spell on me with your gorgeous eyes and I realized that the most wonderful place in the world is your sweet captivity.
  13. Never take love for granted, it can be easily lost and cannot be returned.
  14. Our love will warm this indifferent world with its sincerity and warmth, we are two perfect halves.
  15. When I saw you, I forgot how to breathe and gave you my heart, you are a great woman.
  16. I have a boundless crush on you, darling.
  17. When you find someone with whom you can laugh to tears and stare at the starry sky, it is happiness. I have found you, my love.
  18. We are not together now, but we’re under the same sky and your image is imprinted in my heart.
  19. Your silky skin excites me and your sharp mind drives me crazy, you possess all qualities a real woman should have.
  20. If I had one wish, I would have been your husband in all future lives.
  21. I’ll be ready to fight with all and everything every day of my life if you believe in me.
  22. My birthday is on the day you told me that you love me, exactly that moment my soul was born.
  23. With you, I chase my dreams, you are not only a beloved woman, you are my faithful partner. I am yours forever.
  24. It is a true happiness to find the person, with whom you don’t have to wear a mask, I have found you.
  25. It doesn’t matter how you feel today: sad, disappointed, cheerful, inspired, I love you every second of my life.
  26. All my problems disappear when you are near, you taught me to see positive even in bad times.


Funny Love Quotes:

Humor can heal you when you are sick and it can ease the tension after you had an argument with your woman. It’s a well-known truth. Whether your purpose is to make your lady laugh or you want to make it up to her after you did something wrong,  there’s a great deal of funny quotes about love for her below.

  1. Do you know what dream I have? I want to grow old with you and to see how you’ll smile and laugh without your teeth.
  2. Before we get married, we have to know everything about each other, so we have to spend three days together without the Internet.
  3. I really love you, just see how many emoji I used to create my love confession.
  4. This world is fake, so only true things are our feelings for each other, let’s cherish them.
  5. Honesty is the key to a successful relationship if you cannot lie to your second half – then it’s definitely love.
  6. It took me a long time to learn how to be a husband, but to become a good husband – I need a whole life. I love you, my patient wife.
  7. You are the first and only woman, whom I introduced to my family and they liked you from the first joke, said by you.
  8. Only such an eccentric woman like you might fall in love with such an oddball like me, we are the perfect couple.
  9. In life, there are no guarantees, except one – my unconditional and infinite love for you.
  10. Dear, you destroyed my selfishness and arrogance, I’m afraid to imagine what will you do when you get to the material things – my wallet, for instance.
  11. I’ll never give you back an insult or a bad mood, but a kiss and a hug will always be returned by me in double.
  12. I love you with my heart and my mind, let my hands prove my affection.
  13. I want to be the reason why you will forget about the existence of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  14. I know that you cannot be bribed, and I love your honesty, except that only chocolate can shake your confidence.
  15. My daily routine is marvelous since I have to kiss and hug you endlessly, but I will not mind if you cook me a delicious dinner for it.
  16. One your smile can end all wars in the world and make all the children happy, and it can make me buy all clothes you want. I love you so much.
  17. You are foxy and sweet, on my naughty list you’re always number one.
  18. Stop dreaming about a prince on a white horse, I am here!
  19. Darling, love costs thousands of compliments, insane nights and crazy moments, whereas a parting causes only spoiled nerves. Let’s take care of our health and never separate.
  20. Darling, even if love is blind, you are for me the sweetest, cutest and the prettiest woman in the world.
  21. Beloved, when you are jealous, you investigate better than an FBI agent, so I will not be such a fool, who betrays you. You are one in my heart.
  22. I thought that love is a kiss and a walk in the moonlight, but it turned out that love is the holidays and gifts for an anniversary, support in difficult times, sometimes quarrels and insults. But I never will change it to something else.
  23. Sweetheart, every day you give me joy, laughter, and more scratches on my car, but I still love you.
  24. I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
  25. Your parents always called you a princess, because they knew that you would be married to a handsome prince – me.
  26. When I saw you, I was blind and speechless for a few hours, your beauty is dangerous, so I decided to make you my wife that no one else can become your victim.
  27. I love you more than anything else because I gave you the last piece of chocolate, I did not do it for anyone.
  28. Your kisses and touches are toxic, they cause a weakness in my body and accelerate my pulse, but it is the most pleasing disease I have ever suffered from.
  29. I’m lucky because I have a woman who looks like Barbie, but inside her, there is not an emptiness, but a volcano of emotions that I will never tire of exploring.
  30. I was told that the whole life I would spend together with magnificent women, I am so lucky that these women are you and our daughter.
  31. The climax of love is to love each other as strong as to annoy and we’ve achieved this height. I love you.




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