Geeks, nerds, techie – all of these words refer to smart guys who aren’t popular among girls. Yes, it’s not a secret that geek-looking young men are left behind the boat that is called ‘dating in high school’, but it doesn’t mean that their failures in sex life will last forever. Thanks to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ series all the book worms have been given a hope that they they would meet their Penny one day. Boys, don’t forget that ‘smart is the new sexy’. The following nerd memes will show you that even though a life of a nerd boy can be harsh sometimes, it is full of funny moments.  If you want to share these geek memes onlines, make sure that your friends will not take this picture personally. We all behave like nerds sometimes. Do not be afraid to look or sound funny or strange.

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Get ready to laugh like crazy because you are about to see the best geek memes. The following funny nerd memes will entertain all your Facebook subscribers once you decide to share these funny nerd pictures online.

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