Each job has its pros and cons as well as there is some specific humor in each profession. We meant different professional jokes which can be understood only by people who work in this field. Being a nurse isn’t easy, but there’s always some room for jokes, teasing and funny moments. Look through these awesome nursing memes and make sure we’re telling the truth. Well, once you take a look at least at one nurse meme, you will understand why people like it. The memes about nurses are very popular among students of medical universities and colleges. Plus, they create jokes about nurses themselves. It’s not a secret that men find nurses very sexy and they have a lot of fantasies about being treated by a sexy nurse. You should not hesitate to post such memes on Facebook. People like this kind of content and react to it straight away. If you have friends who work in hospital, you should send them these funny nurse memes. They will laugh and recognize themselves in those pictures.

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Funny Nurse Memes

Do you work in hospital? In this case, you should send or show the following funny nurse memes to your colleagues. Being a nurse is a hard work, but at the same time this job can be fun, because you help people and you get involved in many funny situations. Enjoy the best nursing school memes!

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Nurse Humor

It is not a secret, that the humor of medical workers is sort of specific. Discover the best nurse humor, we have in our collection. If you study to be a doctor or a nurse, you will enjoy the following nursing student meme, which you should share with your college mates.

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