To start with, the terms ‘offensive’ or ‘insulting’ can be quite subjective. Do you agree? For example, some women might take offense because you didn’t compliment their new dress or haircut. Some men may be insulted by a joke about their favorite football team. So, in theory, you have to be super careful about each word you say, but, in practice, it’s impossible. As well as it’s impossible to pass by these hilarious offensive memes.

It’s ok to tease your friends sometimes. It’s ok to make fun of each other and tell inappropriate jokes every now and then. Life would be extremely boring if there were no dark humor and disturbing memes that touch so-called forbidden topics. We have the best offensive memes. So if you are super sensitive, or don’t approve jokes about race, violence, sex or deaths, it’d be better for you not to continue reading this post.

Well, there are only strong and dirty-minded guys left? We hope so. Because you are about to see the most offensive, brutal and inappropriate jokes. All the moralists can save their long speeches about how bad NSFW memes are for somebody else, ‘cause the thing that you don’t understand these memes doesn’t mean that they aren’t funny for other people.

Make sure that you really want to see what we about to show you because we are not responsible for any moral traumas you might get.

Offensive pictures

Offensive Memes

Offensive images

Offensive memes

Offensive images with captions

Offensive pictures with captions

Funny Offensive Memes

Funny offensive memes

Funny offensive images

Funny offensive pictures

Funny offensive photos

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Cute offensive pics

Humor offensive memes

Most Offensive Memes Ever

Most offensive images

Most offensive pictures

Most offensive images with captions

Most offensive memes with captions

Hilarious offensive memes

Disturbing Memes

If you like to post memes, which will tease your online friends, you should see the following disturbing memes. These kind of memes should be sent only to those people, who have a good sense of humor. Otherwise, there is a change of misunderstanding.

Disturbing images

Disturbing memes

Disturbing pictures

Funny disturbing pics

Vulgar Memes

When you have a special mood, you can share these vulgar memes. Most of people post something sweet and positive on social networks, but those are not the only things we use the internet for. Say “I’m sick of your cute pictures” by sharing these vulgar images and jokes.

Vulgar memes

Vulgar images

Vulgar pictures

Funny vulgar illustrations

Funny vulgar pics

Very Offensive Memes

Very Offensive Memes 1

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NSFW Memes

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Offensive Funny Jokes

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