What can be more romantic than the evening you spend with your loved one looking at the beauty of a sunset? If you have a romantic mood and you want to ask your sweetheart on a date, you can use the following quotes about sunsets as a romantic invitation. Have a look at these wonderful sunset sayings – they are as beautiful as sunsets or even more. Ok, we might have exaggerated a bit with that comparison.But you have to agree that it takes talent and the right words to describe the sunsets so you could feel the warmth of the sun that is slowly hiding behind the horizon.

Quotes About Sunsets

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“…she remembered watching a summer sunset from this very spot. Not so long ago; just a lifetime.” ― Sharon Kay Penman

Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there’s something good about feeling both.

“Harry looked down and saw deep green mountains and lakes, coppery in the sunset.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.  – Ram Charan

Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day. – Rachel Boston

There is nothing is more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little – the book of Nature.  – Claude Debussy

I don’t know what you could say about a day in which you have seen four beautiful sunsets. – John Glenn

Impressive Sunset Sayings

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Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. – Rabindranath Tagore

Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us! – Mehmet Murat ildan

Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. – Richard Paul Evans

Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under! – C. JoyBell C.

Enjoy the beauty of a sunset nature’s farewell kiss for the night. – Sharon Rene

When the sun has set, no candle can replace it. ― George R.R. Martin

Nature is painting for us… day after day… pictures of infinite beauty. – John Ruskin

Quotes About Sunset And Love

The thing that sunsets, romance and love have become inseparable isn’t something new to us. Those who claim that watching the sunset is an old-fashioned simply haven’t been on a date with a spectacular sunset view. May these quotes about sunset and love inspire you ask your significant other on a romantic date with wine, beach and sunset.

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The sunset caught me, turned the brush to copper, set the clouds to one great roof of flame above the earth. – Elizabeth Coatsworth

The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples… – Anna Godbersen

To watch a sunset is to connect with the Divine. – Gina De Gorna

Don’t forget: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy Skies. – Paulo Coelho

My favorite color is the color of the sunset, a little orange with tinges of red and yellow, boy.

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. – Richie Norton

It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream. – Bernard Williams

I believe in evolution. But I also believe, when I hike the Grand Canyon and see it at sunset, that the hand of God is there also.

Sunrise And Sunset Quotes

Sunrises and sunsets have become an epitome of the idea of beginnings and endings. As well as that, every sunset represents hope since the sun will rise again the next day. Interesting, huh? You’ll find more interesting ideas in the following quotes about sunset and sunrise.

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Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there’s something good about feeling both. Amy Grant

Allow failure to teach you A supreme lesson: Each sunset is the beginning Of a very, very bright And powerful sunrise. – Sri Chinmoy

Lost – yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever.  – Horace Mann

Know where to find the sunrise and sunset times and note how the sky looks at those times, at least once.  – Marilyn vos Savant

There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.  – Carlos Santana

If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.  – Nathan Phillips

Life is all about enjoying every sunset and looking forward for the next Sunrise.

Sunset Quotes About Life

If you want to live in complete harmony, you should be connected to our mother nature. When was the last time you enjoyed the beauty of sunsets? These emotional sunset quotes about life will inspire you to spend more time outdoors.

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If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God. Gilbert K. Chesterton

Sunsets are my escape into the reality I want to continuously live. – Rachel Roy

Sunset is so marvelous that even the sun itself watches it every day in the reflections of the infinite oceans! – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Sunset on the water ought to be a quiet and easy time, but I guess some people can’t stand a little silence. – Carl Hiaasen

Sunsets are my escape into the reality I want to continuously live.

He walks in darkness, he revels in all sunsets for he is the creator of heaven in earth, God.

Beach Sunset Quotes

Do you plan a romantic evening? After reading these superb beach sunset quotes you will have a clearer idea where to spend it. Just go with your beloved to the beach and enjoy the sunset. The beach sunset quotes will help you create a romantic atmosphere.

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I’m not sure how much time past but by the time I had calmed down the previously blue sky was streaked with the most beautiful sunset I had ever see. The sky was filled with the most brilliant orange complimented perfectly with hues of red and crimson, hints of green lingering behind with the bluish grey of the forthcoming night sky.

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.  – Jeanne Moreau

Sunset is the opening music of the night. – Mehmet Murat Ildan

At the edge of the cloud there was a brilliant white patch, like a turning page catching the sun. The rest was dove grey with a subtle hint of purple, just enough to announce the coming sunset.

It’s not just a sunset; it’s a moonrise too. – P. C. Cast

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