Some people can’t be called bright, others pretend to be dumb in order to get something and absolutely everybody does or says stupid things from time to time. Stupidity isn’t something completely bad. Sometimes it can be your win. Take for example memes. The stupider they are, the better – this rule works, trust us. So take a look at the following stupid memes depicting most hilarious situations where people show their silliness.

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Dumb Meme

Most of people try to make a good impression on others by posting some smart and spiritual posts on Facebook. You can play the game differently. Share the following dumb meme and make people laugh. You will be surprised to see that people enjoy your dumb memes a lot.

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Dumb pics with captions

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Stupid People Meme

They say ignorance is bliss. Who knows, maybe it is so. One thing is sure, no one is safe from doing some stupid things every now and then. You should not get upset if you have done something wrong today. Check out this hilarious stupid people meme and you’ll see that you are not alone.

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You Stupid Meme

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