It’s been thirteen seasons, but we can’t get enough of Supernatural TV series. You may ask: “What makes Supernatural one of the most popular long-running series on TV?”. Well, first of all, if you have ever seen Winchester brothers Dean and Sam, you wouldn’t ask such questions. They are two smoking hot men who hunt and fight the evil things like vampires, werewolves and demons, who have balls to confront archangels and Lucifer, who respect their family more than anything in the world. Shall we continue the list or you got the idea? But for those of you who know the song “Carry on my wayward son” by heart and can name all of the episodes that started with “The road so far”, we’ve collected some of the best humorous moments from adventures of Winchester brothers. As you know, there are quite a few funny moments in Supernatural some of which have already become viral memes. For example, the way Crowley, the King of Hell, greets Sam with his famous ‘Hey, moose’ or Dean’s love to burgers, or Castiel’s complete inability to comprehend jokes. As well as that, you will find a great number of funny Supernatural memes created by SPN die-hard fans. So, if you consider yourself as a part of a huge SPN family, you will love a unique selection of best supernatural memes. If your SPN friend has a birthday soon and you are invited to the party, you should think about the gift and a greeting card. The best will be to use this supernatural birthday meme to make for your friend.

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This unique selection is full of awesome and funny supernatural memes. Here, you will find a lot of great jokes from Supernatural episodes, so you will not be able to resist sending them to your friends. The following funny supernatural pictures with Dean and Sam Winchesters are super cool and your buddies will appreciate them a lot. You will make everyone laugh like crazy. This is amazing how a simple picture can change the entire day for better. Do not hesitate to spread these hilarious memes with Lucifer and Crowley between your friends and even colleagues. Sometimes, it is nice to make a break and to watch something funny with a aromatic cup of coffee.

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