As it often happens with memes the popularity comes overnight. And frankly, there are some memes which people don’t understand completely, but like and share because they are viral. The thing is thug life memes are exactly this kind of viral memes. If you ask someone what the thug life means, the chances are, they won’t give you the right answer. Initially a thug means a criminal or a violent person, but somehow the meaning of thug life has changed to something more positive. Modern thug life memes and pictures mean being cool and awesome. And it might sound funny to you, but some teenagers like showing off in front of girls saying stuff like: ‘Baby, what do you know about thug life?’ as if they were real criminals. If you want to make fun of such people’s foolishness, the following gangsta meme is exactly what you need.

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Thug Life Memes

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Funny Thug Life Pictures

If you want to boost your mood, the following funny thug life pictures will do it easily. The thuglife meme is supposed to ridicule people who pretend to be some kind of gangstars, but in reality they are far from criminal world. The typical thug meme depicts a good guy with a caption like this: ‘Took a pen and didn’t return it. Thugh life.’

Funny thug life memes

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Thuglife Meme

Humor thug life memes

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Hilarious thug life memes

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I Didn’t Choose The Thug Life Meme

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