If you are delighted with excitement and bliss that he gives you, you can’t imagine your life without him, you are ready to drown in his eyes, and spend eternity in his arms, then express your deep feelings through sincere texts. Let these inspirational quotes talk from your heart and make your soulmate feel cherished. Love Quotes for Him from our Collection.

Love Quotes for Him Which Will Touch His Heart

Whatever the period of your relationship is: joyful, sad, or flirty, let your man know how much you love and care. Here is the collection of lovely quotes for him, send them to your lover, bf or husband.

Love quotes for him

Cute Love Quotes for Him:

  1. These feelings took roots deep in my heart, when I look into your eyes, I see the beauty of your soul, which attracts me.
  2. Every day I fall in love with you, you are my precious gift.
  3. A long distance separates our bodies, but nothing will divide out souls. I love you, darling.
  4. Happy birthday, hubby! I can’t explain how grateful I am to have you as my husband, friend, and soulmate, I love you infinitely.
  5. You are my inspiration, every morning I start with thoughts about you and I live only for you.
  6. We’ve been tied by bonds of love and nothing and no one can break this link. I love you so much, dear.
  7. My new life has started when you kissed me for the first time, my soul has awakened and my heart started beating again.
  8. I don’t care about 7.3 billion people in this world because only you make me happy and stars fade in comparison with your smile.
  9. Every day with you is filled with romance, pleasure, happiness, and laughter, will you stay with me for a lifetime?
  10. My love for you is unconditional, forever, now and always I am all yours.
  11. I can’t name reasons why I love you because this feeling goes from my heart, but I can tell you why I can’t live without you since you are a part of me.
  12. The synonym for your name is AMAZING – ambitious, mighty, awesome, zesty, intelligent, nifty, gorgeous. You’re the best.
  13. I’ll never ask for more than being with you forever and always, you are my sense of life.
  14. When you are far away, listen to the wind, it will whisper to you: “I still love you”, lift up your head and look at the sky – the stars will shout: “I miss you”, I’m sorry, let’s be together again.
  15. Even if our relationship is full of flame and sometimes there is a misunderstanding between us, I will never change it for a quiet lake.
  16. “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” – this Christian quote is about us, we’ve healed each other’s souls, I am totally happy with you.
  17. My sweet, your image is in my head and even if you’re far away, your heart is with me. I love you.
  18. Darling, I love you for your sharp mind, your sexy body, a kind heart and a feeling of bliss, which you give me each time we are together.
  19. I have a crush on you, each time I hear you saying my name, my heart begins to beat faster.
  20. Your love has changed me, baby. Colors of the world became brighter, sounds became louder and finally, I’ve felt the taste of life.
  21. Our happiness is not calculated in years, minutes and days together, it consists of the unforgettable moments that we give each other. I love you madly, my sweetheart.
  22. Do you know which things I can do forever? Hug you, kiss you and tell you how much I love you.
  23. Before I met you I have thought that love brought only pain, but you showed me that love is boundless happiness and mutual devotion.
  24. There is a famous quote: “You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess”, it is about you. You always see beauty in me even when I am far from being beautiful.
  25. Paradise for me is not the Maldives, Panama, or Australia, a paradise for me is in your arms.
  26. Thank you for being my ray of light that dispelled the boredom of my life.
  27. My darling, our meeting wasn’t a coincidence, the Lord heard my prayers and sent me an angel who protects and loves me.
  28. It is an unbearably beautiful, wonderful, and fantastic feeling to love you and be loved by you!
  29. Since I’ve met you, my heart has become your property, and our love has become the most beautiful obsession.
  30. You are the only man, who can make me shiver. You are my most beautiful weakness.
  31. You gave me wings, inspiration and a sense of boundless happiness, I feel like I can do anything.

Funny Love Quotes for Him:

  1. Nobody annoys me more than you, but no one loves me more.
  2. When I see you, butterflies in my stomach go crazy, and the brain refuses to work.
  3. I cannot say that I fell in love with you at first sight, I fell in love with you from the first spoken words, your mind won me over.
  4. I cannot tell you how many times a day I think of you because you do not go out of my head and my heart, I love you so much.
  5. You are the love of my life, I am infinitely glad that an insignificant meeting gave me the most important person.
  6. If somebody asks me where I see myself in a few years, my answer will be simple – we love each other, hold hands, and you still laugh at my jokes.
  7. I fell in love with your kind heart and your honest personality, so your incredibly attractive body was a pleasant bonus for me.
  8. A spark that arose between us, could incinerate an entire city, so I’m happy that it just grew into love.
  9. All songs, which were written about love, couldn’t express even 1 percent my love for you.
  10. Even in an overcrowded place, I will always find your eyes, our special bond can’t be seen, but it can be felt.
  11. Plato once said: “Love is a grave mental disease” and considering our relationship, I agree with it, but I don’t want to recover, I love you.
  12. You’re number one for me in my life, in my heart and in the list of my contacts.
  13. Our love is a charm that cannot be destroyed, so you will be with me forever.
  14. Love does not have to be explained it has to be felt, I am infinitely glad that with you I have understood it.
  15. I’d rather be a fool, loved by you than being the most intelligent person in the world without you.
  16. I understood that all you need in this life is to find the right person, whom you’ll annoy for the rest of your life.
  17. I am the happiest woman on Earth since I fell in love with my prince without meeting thousands of frogs.
  18. I know that you love me because yesterday you allowed me to take your car. You are the best!
  19. I know why you love me – only I understand your jokes. I am kidding, darling, our love is unconditional.
  20. My love for you is multifaceted: now I love you and a second later I hate you, but no matter what I always care for you.
  21. My bae, every day I love you more and more except Sundays when you play on my nerves.
  22. Happy birthday, my love! I promise that I will please and annoy you all the subsequent years of your life.
  23. I love your patience, it is your especially important trait of character when I’m trying to take thousands of selfies.
  24. My brain worked well until the day I have met you, since then only my heart works.
  25. I realized that I love you when I was ready to watch hundreds of boring soap operas with you.
  26. You’re a flower of my heart: sometimes you appear as an elegant lily, sometimes you are extravagant as a lotus, but, in most cases, you’re just as prickly as a cactus, but I still love you.
  27. I love you more than chocolate and trust me, it is the most serious confession I have ever made.
  28. You had won me at that moment you told you were a fan of “Stars wars”, I am crazy about you.

Sweet Love Quotes for Him:

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  1. I would give eternity for one minute in your arms, you are awesome.
  2. My love, even if you let go of my hand, you will always keep my heart. We belong to each other forever.
  3. I can’t say that I have everything I like, but I love everything I have and you are the most important person in my life.
  4. I thought that it was impossible to love you stronger, but I was wrong, every day my love for you grows.
  5. You are my Prince Charming, our love has passed a lot of tests, but we all survived and proved the truthfulness of our feelings.
  6. Looking into your eyes, I see the promise to love me forever and your actions show that you are ready to prove your love. I appreciate it, my sweet.
  7. Even if the sun disappears, the universe is divided into a million pieces, my love for you will live.
  8. Our couple is an example how two ordinary people, united by an extraordinary feeling, make up a fantastic life.
  9. On that rainy day when we have met, not a cheesy outfit has attracted me, but light, which you emitted. I love you.
  10. Thank you for filling my empty and gloomy world with vibrant colors, you’ve become my sun.
  11. If I was talented, I would paint the canvas of our relationship with red and golden shades, because they represent my boundless happiness and joy.
  12. You are my perfect man because only you put up with my crazy nature.
  13. Our love is as beautiful and natural as the sunset and it is as bright as the moon, I love you more than life.
  14. I don’t have a favorite place in the world, but there is a place, where I want to be forever – in your hugs.
  15. Our love story is a perfect plot for a novel about the immortality of love and endless tenderness and devotion.
  16. It doesn’t matter where I go, I take two things with me always: a smile and love for you.
  17. Your kindness, openness, and ingenuousness have captured me. You are an angel, aren’t you?
  18. I love you to the moon and back, you gave me priceless moments and wonderful memories.
  19. What is the secret of our relationship? It is simple: we love each other more than ourselves.
  20. Darling, please, don’t change, I love everything about you, even your imperfections are cute.
  21. You are special for me not because of your appearance or your character, you are special since you make me feel loved and needed.
  22. You know, sometimes feelings for you overwhelm me and I can’t find proper words to express what I feel. But I want you to know that I always pray to God for your happiness and well-being. You are everything I have.
  23. Each breath is painful when you are not near, come back soon and save me, I don’t want to experience this pain anymore.
  24. The only right decision I made in my life is that I’ve married you and after that, all decisions make only you. It is real happiness to be a weak woman with a strong man.
  25. I could never ask for a more affectionate, loving and tender boyfriend than you, thank you for being with me and loving me.
  26. What is happiness? Happiness is to see, to hear, to live and to feel your love.
  27. Hubby, I am sorry if sometimes I can irritate you. I know that you love me and accept the way I am, you are my hero!
  28. At night when I saw the star fall, I made only one wish: to find a man, who’ll guide me on the road of life and then you showed me the path of love, respect, and passion.
  29. Not our life makes love real, love makes us live in the present. You are my treasure, beloved.
  30. Honey, that first touch has become the beginning of a wonderful fairytale, which will last forever.

Short Love Quotes for Him:

  1. No matter where you are now, my love and support are with you.
  2. I wanna be a person, whom you will never tell “good-bye”, I love you.
  3. We are an ideal couple because two crazy people have to stick together.
  4. To love you is not a habit, to love you is my way of life.
  5. I love you very much, sometimes it seems that my heart can burst from my feelings for you.
  6. Your love has given me wings, so I am not afraid of falling for you every day.
  7. Each beautiful thing in this world reminds me of you, you are my universe.
  8. Do you want to see the most amazing man in the world? Look in the mirror.
  9. Love doesn’t have boundaries, prejudices and age restrictions, and I want to share this stunning feeling with you.
  10. The place, where you are welcome to live forever for free is my heart.
  11. Without air, a human can survive for 5 minutes, and without you, I cannot live even one second.
  12. Wherever I am, my heart will always seek to you.
  13. Come back soon! My lips miss your sweet kisses.
  14. A synonym of our relationship is one word: “Forever”.
  15. The best music to my ears is the beating of your heart.
  16. You’ve managed to give me only pleasure and positive emotions, thank you.
  17. Love teaches us how to find hope in a hopeless place and how to see light in the darkness.
  18. Passion shows us how to be emotional and sincere, whereas love shows us how to forgive and accept imperfections.
  19. I am ready to give you the most precious thing I have in my life – time.
  20. Let us pledge to be the last for each other.
  21. Don’t show your love via words, prove it with actions and start from a hundred of kisses every morning.
  22. I’m really glad that we have our own kind of eternity – our sincere love.
  23. True love starts with a timid glance and gentle touches and it never ends.
  24. The lake of your tenderness and the oblivion in arms of your passions are everything I need.
  25. Love is always crazy and unpredictable, if not, then it is not love.

Sad Love Quotes for Him:

best quotes about love

  1. Sometimes loneliness is the price we have to pay for unforgettable, blissful moments.
  2. I used to think that the heart cannot be broken, and I was right because the heart can be completely destroyed by love.
  3. If hatred and suffering are the parts of love, then I am not ready to start our love story.
  4. You were the whole world to me and it is awful to understand that I was only an episode in your life.
  5. The worst thing in the world is to sit next to the person and to realize that his heart and soul are far away from you.
  6. Our fight for love was very hard, but our happiness is worth every tear, shed by me.
  7. Dear, I’m sorry, for your sake, I am ready to accept all the pain and hatred of this world.
  8. My life without you is like a tree without leaves, the sky without stars and the well without water.
  9. Even if I don’t have any chance to be with you, I want you to know that my heart belongs only to you.
  10. I know how difficult it is to trust a person again, but I have faith in my soul that one fine day things will change for the best.
  11. It’s horrible to know that the man, who repeated everyday “I cannot live without you”, once said this phrase without the part “not”.
  12. My dream is to have a quiet place, where we will be able to share both joy and sadness together, but I feel that it won’t come true.
  13. I am ready to face all horrors, which life offers if I have faith in my heart, courage in my soul and you holding my hand.
  14. I don’t hate you, I have long forgiven you, the only thing I want is to erase our mutual period from my memory.
  15. If I smile, it doesn’t mean that inner pain from your betrayal doesn’t break my ribs.
  16. If you have the strength to say “good-bye”, life will reward you a new “hello”.
  17. I respect you and I am faithful to you, but I respect myself and I demand your loyalty in return. Do not hold me with you if you can’t give me it.
  18. Life is too short to spend it with a person, who doesn’t love you, cherish and make you happy.
  19. You’ve given me the greatest happiness and the greatest disappointment in my life.
  20. A crystal castle, which I built in my heart, crashed against the iron wall of your indifference. I’m broken and devastated.
  21. I am sorry for those words, which remained untold, unspent tenderness tears me inside, come back to me, you are my only love.
  22. Even if we started our story wrong, it is never too late to re-write it until the flame of affection glimmers in our soul.
  23. Whatever happens, I will always remember your kindness and care and it doesn’t matter where and with whom you’ll be.
  24. Sometimes these feelings are destroying me, but better every day I will endure this torture than live without you.
  25. I am here, with you, begging for your help, but you don’t hear me and I am not important for you anymore.
  26. Let’s pretend that we are not in love, not with each other, we can deceive ourselves, but not fate.
  27. I still love you, but I can let you go, but if you go, remember that you take away my heart with you.
  28. Even when I’m alone, I am not lonely since your love is inside me.
  29. I was under a delusion that such a man like you could love such a woman like me, we are too different to be together.

Sexy Love Quotes for Him:

  1. The only mess I like is the mess, which we are making together.
  2. You’ve intoxicated my blood with an unbearable desire and unlimited passion.
  3. I like that the only way for us to end a quarrel is to give each other a kiss.
  4. Wine doesn’t excite me like your kisses do, nothing makes me shiver, but your touches.
  5. The best dress, which you presented to me, is happiness, I will wear it always.
  6. The one reason for craziness is mutual love, so we are crazy in love together.
  7. Do you remember that for the new year you wanted to get the most beautiful and precious gift? The wish came true – you got me.
  8. Together we can make our reality better than the most vivid and colorful dreams because we love each other.
  9. Every day we open a new fantastic world together, thank you for this miracle.
  10. The melody of night fills our minds and it finds its reflection in our hearts, my eyes are shouting about my deep affection for you and my touches will show its strength.
  11. When two opposites meet, unforeseen things happen, our relationship is unpredictable – it can cause a tsunami or a hurricane, or it may please with a lull, I love your impulsiveness.
  12. Fire doesn’t influence me, but only your glance can make me melt, I am like wax in your arms.
  13. Do you know which things are the most pleasing to me? Compliments that you generously bestow me.
  14. I am ready to keep silence only when our lips meet, my love.
  15. Your attractiveness and sensuality are not in your appearance and gestures, they come from your inner rod.
  16. The only thirst that I could never quench is the thirst for your touches, compliments, hugs and kisses, you are my awesome addiction.
  17. Only you can restrain my inner fire and calm my hurricane of emotions, you complete me.
  18. Love doesn’t make us weak, it makes us powerful enough to endure all trials.
  19. Vital needs for me are: to breath, to relax, and be loved by you.
  20. Love does not look at the age, height, ethnicity and social status, it simply exists and we are blessed since we feel it.
  21. You are the person, who can present me a rainbow without any reason, I love you for this.
  22. Without you I lose my path in life, with you I find harmony and balance, you are my personal angel.
  23. I will run faster than the wind, if your arms wait for me, my smile will shine brighter than the sun, if you are together with me.
  24. I am striving for your fantastic kisses, you woke up a woman in me whom I always wanted to be.
  25. Love is the ashes of pride, selfishness, and arrogance, love is the garden of respect, affection, and care.
  26. Even if the bed is made of roses with thorns, I will be there if you’re near.
  27. You are my favorite dessert, which I can try eternally.

Best Love Quotes for Him:

  1. It seems to me that each new day is a groundhog day because I experience the unimaginable happiness that you give me.
  2. 365 days of my life are filled with 8760 hours of happiness, 525600 minutes of smiles and 31536000 seconds of laughter.
  3. This world becomes better because you exist and my life becomes divine due to your infinite love.
  4. I might not be a perfect wife, but you are the most amazing man I have ever dreamt of, the kindest father for our children and an ideal husband for me.
  5. I love you for being yourself in all situations, you always find a kind word in tough times and I can always count on you.
  6. I have found hope in your eyes, love in your heart, support in your soul and I thank every day God for giving me such a wonderful person.
  7. I don’t have so much physical strength to keep your hand forever, but I do have a moral might to keep a flame of love for you in my heart forever.
  8. Please, trust me and do not doubt me, if I say that I am completely yours emotionally and physically – I really mean it.
  9. This world is a huge canvas and it is up to us which shades we choose to brighten it up and make all our dreams come true.
  10. You are not only my husband, you are my soulmate, whom I can entrust my life and with whom I am fearless.
  11. All women envy me because I am loved by the most attentive, romantic and sensual boyfriend on Earth.
  12. Time is both creative and destructive power. I am happy that it has made our relationship only stronger, softer, and more reverent.
  13. Our connection is extremely strong, I’ll follow you through the centuries and kilometers, our souls have been united in the heaven.
  14. I have one problem – I do not have enough time in the day to show all my love for you.
  15. My love is a shining armor, my faith in you is my weapon and thanks to you I am ready to face all feasible problems.
  16. Our marriage is a romantic fairytale, which came true, and you’re the King of my heart, I am yours forever.
  17. We live in a Christian world, full of grace and mercy, so let us cultivate this wonderful feeling and give each other only positive emotions.
  18. Each new day offers us many possibilities to become happier, to smile more, and to bring goodness and joy into the lives of our beloved.
  19. You are my personal magician since our love is boundless magic, which unites souls, minds, and hearts.
  20. Individually we are ordinary people, but together we are the invincible force, which doesn’t exist in life because it creates life itself.
  21. Let me become the only and last love of your life, the woman, whom you will always tell: “I love you” and who’ll never hear: “I gave up on you”.
  22. In sorrow and in joy I will always be with you, if all are against you, I will still remain your encouragement and support.
  23. Each facet of your nature still amazes me: you are a cheerful friend, passionate lover, a kind husband and my true soul mate.
  24. Once I closed my heart to tenderness and love, but you broke the shackles and showed me how colorful and splendid can be life for a woman, who is loved.
  25. Your eyes and touches mean more to me than all the riches of the world. You are my heart that will beat forever.
  26. Let’s go hand in hand together along the life path and let this journey be not a short adventure, but an exciting voyage, which we will enjoy for the whole life.
  27. Our relationship doesn’t have a middle ground – we love to the loss of consciousness, rejoice trifles, and enjoy every day of life. I love you very much.
  28. Our love is an endless party where I can dance, have fun and be myself, and you will love me always no matter what.
  29. I can imagine the garden without roses, the sky without birds, the space without the sun, but I cannot imagine my life without you.
  30. I do not ask God for anything except one thing – I beg Him not to take away from me what I have now. You are the most precious person I have.
  31. With you, I can laugh as if nobody hears and dance as if no one sees me, to be yourself in our time is a luxury and you gave it to me.
  32. Our love is like a dove – it soars into the clouds, enjoys freedom, and gives the feeling of peace and tranquility, we are lucky that experienced it.


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