Thank You for Coming to My Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a time to celebrate your life and the friendships that make it special. If your big day has come and gone, you’ve probably had a wonderful time celebrating that you’ve made it another year. After your party, you’re full of memories, and probably cake, too. It’s time to say thank you for … Read more

Happy 18th Birthday Quotes

Celebrating an 18th birthday is a great landmark in anyone’s life, and if a friend or relative is turning 18, then you want to be absolutely sure that you have just the right words to express your best wishes. That is where our range of 18th birthday wishes and cards come in, helping you to … Read more

35th Birthday Wishes

The celebration is planned way ahead, it is more graceful and mature. A birthday person thoroughly prepares to this festive day. And his or her guests prepare too: they buy special gifts, dress up and make up happy 35th birthday wishes. Some people have a thing for a proper timing. They send happy 35th birthday … Read more

Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

Imagine, you have watched your daughter go through the process of creating her very own life on this planet. You watched your granddaughter grow from an infant into a young woman that is ready to take the world by storm. Or maybe your granddaughter is still young, and you want to make a good impression … Read more

Happy Birthday Daughter in Law

Happy Birthday Daughter in Law Funny You might wonder why am I always checking you out from head to toe. Well, that is because I ‘ve been trying to find out where do you hide your wings! Happy Birthday to my angelic daughter-in-law! My son seemed to be happy when he was single, now that … Read more

Happy Early Birthday Wishes in Advance

A birthday is a wonderful occasion to show a person what you think of him or her and that this day is significant for you. At this special time, you celebrate love, friendship, and the onset of another remarkable year with a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friend or colleague. In this busy world, there are … Read more

Happy 1st Birthday Quotes

One of the most important occasions in a child’s life is his or her first birthday. Even though they might not remember the event, it means a lot to their parents and the entire family. If your 1st birthday wishes are written with sweet and lovely messages to reveal your affection for the toddler, the … Read more

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

He’s your sweetheart. He’s been the light of your life since you were dating, and long after you made your vows to each other. While every day with him is special, there are some days that have to be paid extra attention. Among those days is his birthday so you need to have Happy Birthday … Read more

Birthday Wishes for Aunty

Birthdays are special celebrations that reminds us to be thankful for the lives of our loved ones. Besides bringing people together, it is an opportunity to be grateful for the gift of family. This means that we only have one shot to relay our heart felt wishes to our loved ones. Happy birthday wishes for … Read more