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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Quotespill. Quotespill is the platform for sharing positive vibes, good mood, and inspiration.

Our Content represents motivational and inspirational quotes and poems about love, friendship, family, positive thinking, strength. Also, upbeat, sarcastic, funny memes and more are available on the site.

Our Tone is optimistic, encouraging, friendly, playful, and witty.

Our Purpose is to promote different voices through appealing, touching, and funny content.

Topics We Love encompass quotes, poems, memes about life, love, sex, special events, celebrities. Also, encouraging and supportive quotes and memes are welcome.

Voice And Tone Guidelines

  1. An original, uplifting tone is preferred.
  2. The content should appeal to the reader and be useful.
  3. Your writing shouldn’t be obscene.
  4. Use headlines, the introduction to each subheading and clear images.
  5. You may use slang and abbreviations.

Content Guidelines

  1. The submissions should be original. Don’t rewrite content, sourced from other websites.
  2. Make sure you have the rights to use the images you provide. Otherwise, give the image credit.
  3. Before submitting the post, read other pieces on the site to grasp the general tone and the type of posts we publish.
  4. The posts on the site are between 1000-2500 words. But you are welcome to write longer or shorter articles as long as they are comprehensive and directed towards the audience, which reads the particular section.
  5. Proofread the article to make sure it doesn’t have grammatical, punctuation or contextual errors.
  6. You may title the article, but we may choose another title if we believe that the article would be more appealing and understandable to our readers under another name.
  7. The submission of the post doesn’t guarantee that it will be published on Quotespill.


  • Are links allowed within the article?

If the article requires a reference, you may include the link to authoritative and credible websites. The including of links to the websites, which primary extension is to sell a product or service isn’t allowed. If the website your article links to can’t be recommended to our readers, we will delete the link within the article before publishing.

  • How Would I Be Credited For The Article?

If your article has been approved for publishing, an editor of Quotespill will contact you. You can send a short bio with/or without the photograph. It will be included at the end of the article.

You can include your blog or website link along with social media links so that the post can be shared with our readers.

Please Note: the links we wouldn’t recommend to our readers will be deleted without any notification (websites selling products we wouldn’t recommend, spammy websites, websites targeting specific keywords in the domain name).

Terms And Conditions To Be Accepted By The Contributor

  1. The article and its title may be edited to conform to the editorial guidelines of the Quotespill editors.
  2. If the article has been selected for the publication on the website, Quotespill will have exclusive rights to edit and publish your post.
  3. After the article has been published on Quotespill.com, you may publish it on other blogs and websites. But the post should have the link directed back to the article on Quotespill.com referring Quotespill.com as the original source of the article.
  4. By submitting the article, you affirm that it’s been written by you specifically for Quotespill.com and the article is unique and hasn’t been published on other blogs/websites.

How To Submit Your Article

To submit the post, please send an original article with your bio to contribute@quotespill.com. If the post has been accepted, we will respond within a few days.

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