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Stephen A. Schwarzman Quotes:- Stephen A. Schwarzman an investor, businessman, and philanthropist from America. He is the chairman and CEO of a global equity firm which he established with Pete Peterson. The name of the firm is The Blackstone group. Popular Stephen A. Schwarzman Quotes are about the different phases of life. The quotes give you the courage to fight your problems. Famous Quotes by Stephen A. Schwarzman are inspiring and motivating. He talks about the mistakes people do with their career when they are doing good. Stephen A. Schwarzman Quotes about rejection motivate entrepreneurs to be adaptable.

He says that they must believe in their plans but they must be ready to accept rejection too. Rejections are part of a successful journey and therefore, every entrepreneur should be able to take it. Stephen A. Schwarzman best Quotes shows his nature. He feels uncomfortable with nonliving things like buildings because they can’t move when you want them to do so. He explains the interview process too which includes initiating a conversation and trying to read the minds of people. It is about finding out how flexible their minds are and he feels unable to interview somebody. Encouraging Stephen A. Schwarzman Quotes are good yo read.

He believes in encouraging people to come up with a new idea, to have their own point of view. He tries to explore the creative side of people. Stephen A. Schwarzman Quotes about CEOs are true and meaningful. He inspires to do hard work to reach something big. He says that the skills to be CEO are not genetic, you need training and hard work to be that. Stephen A. Schwarzman Quotes about country shows his love for his country. He wants to do the things that can add value and can make the country a good place. He calls these things good to do.

Famous Quotes by Stephen A. Schwarzman

“How many times can you be told you are a loser? Apparently infinite.”

I’m pretty good on my feet. I’m pretty decent at bobbing and weaving, but there’s only so long you can bob and weave when you don’t have a good base.

The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make with their careers is, when they’re good, after two or three years – and they happen to be smart – they announce that they’re going out to start their own firm.

I’ve lived through periods of illiquidity before. Asset prices come down. The economy slows or even goes into recession. Then the cycle re-starts. We buy at lower prices with less leverage.

“Entrepreneurs need an ability to take rejection. Believe in your basic plan, but be adaptable and keep going.”

Stephen A. Schwarzman Best Quotes


I’m concerned with China growing at double or triple the rate of the West, that there will be tensions. One needs to do something to start addressing misunderstandings and frustration.

“I don’t know how to interview anybody. You start a conversation. You try to figure out how flexible their minds are.”

My personal taxes are 53% of my taxable income. That’s 36% on the federal level and 17% for state and local.

“Keep in mind that outside of Stanford and Silicon Valley, people don’t actually like change.”

I always felt uncomfortable with real estate because buildings don’t move, and neighborhood change.

My biggest job really is to figure other people out. I need to understand what makes a person tick.

Markets tend to always overshoot when they get really ebullient.

“The most important thing with a new business is figuring out why people need you.”

I love picking people. I started Blackstone, and we had no people, and now we have with our portfolio companies about 750,000 people all over the world. Everybody who is at a senior level has ultimately been picked by me.

“You won’t do well unless you’re hiring people who are consistent with your values.”

It’s wonderful to learn about new cultures and to be able to travel easily to so many countries.

“If you’re a ’10’ in business, you’ll be fine. If you can attract a team full of 10s, they’ll always make it rain.”

I’m not feeling undertaxed. Tax reform is an important issue. You have to have an inherent sense of fairness.

“As CEO, you have to articulate the core values of your business. Everybody has to know what you stand for.”

Down cycles are not fun. But they form the basis for enormous future profitability

“If you want to create a supportive work environment, don’t praise everyone, build a culture around and comfortability with criticism.”

I don’t feel like a wealthy person. Other people think of me as a wealthy person, but I don’t. I feel the same as when I was a fifth-year associate trying to make partner at Lehman Brothers. I haven’t changed.

“CEOs have to surround themselves with phenomenal people who share their value system.”

If I get angry, it’s obvious. I don’t have to say much. “You have to have great fantasies in life and then fulfil them.”

“We encourage people to come forward with different points of view – actually, we demand it.”

For future geopolitical stability and global prosperity, we need to build a culture of greater trust and understanding between China, America and the rest of the world.

“A leader gives employees autonomy and control so they can make use of their gifts.”

Sleeping at night is not a specialty of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur who is sleeping soundly, something bad is happening to that person; they just don’t know it’s happening yet.

“No one was born a CEO, it’s not a gene. It’s a trained behavior. There is a whole skillset.”

“The smart CEOs know they don’t know.”

“My advice for entrepreneurs: Have thick skin and friends in the psychology department.”

To the extent that I can add value and make my country a better place, that’s a good thing to do.

“Most people want to have ownership of their own growth. As a CEO, your job is to figure out how to make that possible.”

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