Sexy Birthday Quotes for Him and Her

The birthday of your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a beloved spouse is an exceptional occasion when he or she wants to feel special. Actually, it is quite important for the partner to understand that feelings are mutual and know that there is someone in this world who really cares, loves and appreciates him or her. The birthday is the ideal time for expressing your thoughts and feelings through sending sexy wishes, quotes, and greetings from the heart.

Best Sexy Birthday Quotes

Even if you don’t have a single clue on how to congratulate your lover, the collection of sexy birthday messages may be beneficial. Sending happy birthday sexy quotes to your second half means sharing your affection, passion, sincerity and tenderness. These messages will help you to create a romantic atmosphere and make the heart of your partner beat faster.

On your birthday today I want to give you the best presents in the morning, feed you the sweetest cake in the afternoon, organize for you the coolest party in the evening and show you a pleasurable wild time in bed at night. I hope you enjoy your day. Happy birthday, hot stuff.

On your birthday today I am gifting a special “no holds barred” coupon that entitles you to become my master for one night as I become your slave. You can make me do anything and everything you want. You can even do anything you want to me. Enough said, I think you get the point, don’t you, my master? Have a happy and hot birthday.

First we’ll go shopping, then for drinks, and then for a romantic dinner, followed by a long and naughty session in the bedroom. Your birthday is going to be tiring, I hope you don’t mind. Happy birthday, hotness.

I’ve been spending more hours at work so that I could get you a nice expensive birthday present. I have also been spending more hours at the gym so I could get back in shape and seduce you tonight. I hope you like both your present and my sensual seduction! Happy birthday to the sexiest person alive.

Hot Birthday Texts For Her

A birthday is a celebration of love, so if you want to make this remarkable day of your close person filled with romance, sexuality, and passion, then sending hot texts will be a great idea. These sexy quotes and wishes will liven up this significant day and give unforgettable emotions which will remain deep in the heart.

Right after you came, everything just became hotter. Hmm…should we make your celebrated day even hotter? Birthday wishes to the hottest woman alive!

Going on a rampage looking for my sexy girl, I know I found her once before. Once I will find you I will chain you to me and never let you go.

Blow Out The Candles… Wish Away… You Are The… Super Star Of The Day. Happy Birthday!

The surprise doesn’t end after the party. When your friends have left, and the house has become silent, we’d go on with the wildest part of your party—with just the two of us. Happy Birthday, darling.

Feeling the warmth of your body next to mine is the way I want to sleep the rest of my life. Happy Birthday!

I couldn’t think of a better partner than you, in and outside the bedroom. On your birthday too, we will be having a wild celebration, in and outside the bedroom – and I can’t wait! Let the party begin. Wishing you a very happy and steamy birthday, sweetheart.

Dirty Birthday Wishes for Loved Girls

Nothing can be better than spending a birthday together with the person you are head over heels in love. So, creating a playful mood on this day will make it memorable. If you can’t hold back the emotions and want to show your unbridled passion, then send dirty wishes to a spouse and she will fall in love with you even more.

Don’t wear any clothes today, I’ll remove them anyway. Birthday wishes to you, sweetheart.

Besides the gift that I’ve already given you on your birthday, I’m going to let you unwrap me as a sizzling birthday present. I’m all yours, today and forever. Happy birthday, love.

I know we haven’t found the time to see each other often these days. But tonight, you are going to see a lot of me and I’m going to do a lot of nasty things to you. That’s your birthday treat, honey. Happy birthday.

Make sure you get a birthday cake that has lots of cream topping. Later, once everyone is gone, you can smear me with the cake and lick the cream off my body. Wish you a sizzling birthday.

I can’t tell you all the dirty things I’m going to do to you tonight. But be prepared for a night that you are going to remember forever. Hope you can handle it! Happy birthday.

How about you give two birthday parties this year? One for all your friends. And the second one just for me. We can both pretend to be birthday cakes and devour each other from head to toe. Happy birthday, darling.

When there is a fire, most call the fire department, but I call you instead, even though you are the one who started the spark! Now put out those candles on your birthday cake!

On your birthday today, I want to give you the best presents in the morning, feed you the sweetest cake in the afternoon, organize for you the coolest party in the evening and show you a pleasurable wild time in bed at night. I hope you enjoy your day. Happy birthday hot stuff.

Naughty, Sexy quotes for him

Being naughty on a birthday will make it more exciting for you two! The fire of passion will burn brightly throughout the day and you will never forget this thrilling experience. Be the best girlfriend or boyfriend ever and send perfect words to express your feelings. For this, use sexy naughty quotes, wishes, and messages to add a zest to your greetings, your soul mate will be happy to receive them.

I got you two gifts. One is under your bed and one I will be wearing tonight. Can’t wait to see you. Get back from work. I’m dying here already!

I’ll tell you my gift: I’ll be your most obedient slave for this hot and sizzling night. Happy Birthday, sexy.

On your birthday today, let’s do something that will be our naughtiest memory ever! Let’s indulge in a hot rendezvous that we both will remember for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I am going to give you birthday bumps today. And by that, I mean scratches and bite marks all over your body. I love you, Happy birthday honey.

Shopping, then drinks, then back to my place for some birthday fun. If you know what I mean. Happy birthday hon!

Happy birthday. Let’s have a night of unbridled passion that celebrates our crazy love. Not because it’s birthday. Just because.

I am sorry I am stuck in work all day, but I will make it up to you tonight. I think you know what I mean. Rest up; you are going to need all your energy for later.

Is it just me or are you actually getting hotter with each year? Only one way to find out, see you tonight, naughty naughty. Happy birthday!

Your real birthday starts once the guests leave. By the way, new lingerie for you in the closet. Happy birthday,

Erotic Birthday Messages

Let your loved one know how strong your passion and affection are through amazing erotic messages. Send sexy wishes which will excite him or her, touch the heart and set up a perfect mood. Choose those quotes which can please the beloved and at the same time, they should leave some space for the imagination.

My birthday gift you will get at night, in your bed, which only you can see and feel and others can only imagine! Happy Bday sweety!

Happy birthday! If I traded every night of pure love I’ve spent with you for an ounce of gold, I’d be wealthy beyond belief. But I don’t need to trade a thing — I’m already rich in the greatest love of all….yours.

Get ready to be wild with me later. Happy Bday sweety!

Kisses and hugs on your birthday today. See you tonight my sensual birthday girl. I love you!

Happy Birthday Sexy Wishes

When it comes to sex, everything depends on how comfortable you feel when talking about it. If you are quite open, birthday wishes with naughty and dirty messages are exactly what you need. However, if you consider dirty sexting inappropriate, opt to erotic wishes which are hot and suitable. It doesn’t matter what kind of sexy messages you choose, as the main goal is to please your soul mate and make him or her happy on birthday! One way or another a simple sms with ‘Happy birthday, sexy’ won’t hurt for sure.

Nothing is more beautiful to me than you wearing only the moonlight and my kisses.

A room filled with only you and me is the best room in the whole universe. What do you think? Happy Birthday, love.

I don’t think I should buy any food for your birthday. We have each other to devour anyway, right? Let’s make this night the most flavorful night of all time. Happy Birthday to the most appetizing person.

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