Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Your daughter’s birthday is one of the special days of your life and you may feel stressed out about the entire party panning. Parents always wish to fulfil their child’s birthday wish list by throwing eventful parties, ordering decorative cakes and inviting friends and family members. But in midst of all such planning, your sweet birthday wish for daughter can mean a lot to her and she may adore your loving gesture.

Birthday wishes for daughter

Life is funny but a man doesn’t cry at funerals and a man doesn’t cry at all but today I did because of the love I have for my daughter. Happy birthday my little doll!

May every day of your life brings new ecstasy and bliss. May you conquer your ambitions with the best in all accord, happy birthday to you my dearest and nearest daughter!

When you came into our lives, everything around become more colourful and meaningful. We have shared so many beautiful memories and happy times. Love you always!

Not everyone can say they are as blessed as your mom and I when it comes to having a hard-working, intelligent, generous, and genuine daughter. You are the apple of both of our eyes. Happy birthday!

You will be able to feel the way I do about you now no sooner than the day that you will become a mother yourself. A sweet kiss for your birthday, honey!

As long as I see respect in your eyes, my life seems like the most beautiful prize. As long as I can feel warmth in your hugs, everything else seems cozy and snug. Happy birthday, daughter!

Have a magnificent day of your life. May you live longer and splendid life. I am always with you. Love you a lot my dear daughter. Happy birthday!

18th Birthday Quotes for Daughter

The old fashioned birthday card seems to a bit boring for your teen girl. As she steps into the new phase of adulthood, you need to wish her well in more innovative manner. Sending love poetry for her on her 18th birthday can make her delighted. You can even share the sweet messages on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dear daughter, another year has passed and we are happy to see you grow even more beautiful and wiser each year. Our baby, our little girl, our sweet daughter, we love you. Happy Birthday!

Your smile lights up a room and your thoughtfulness lights up our hearts. May you be continually blessed in all you do and forever be a blessing to others. Happy birthday to our dear daughter!

From year to year we notice you are getting smarter, brought up in the right way with strong attitude. We believe in you. Happy birthday!

Happy 18th birthday to my beautiful daughter! I pray that this day will be the beginning of all that you hope to be and hope to have. Make all the best decisions by putting our Almighty and wonderful God first and you will never go wrong! I love you for life!

Even if I had designed exactly what traits I thought I wanted in a daughter, I could not have even come close to the awe-inspiring qualities that I see in you. The most beautiful part of you is how you follow your dreams at all times. Happy birthday to such an amazing daughter!

Having you as my child made me realize how beautiful life is. Your smile always brightens my day. Happy birthday sweetie!

Happy birthday, sweetie. May you always believe in yourself and follow your bliss, wherever it takes you!

1st Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Writing birthday quotes for your one-year old daughter is a fun task. Though she may not understand the messages or read them, but you can preserve the messages in form of memories and show it to her when she becomes older. Birthday quotes are beautiful expression of love and care and you can easily express your personal feelings and thoughts for your little one.

We are wishing you a birthday that’s filled with as much excitement as we had when we got to bring you into the world and hold you for the first time. Happy birthday daughter!

Cutie pie, you make our hearts sing with joy. May your birthday and every day afterward be a song of love, joy and beauty.

Congratulation on the best occasion of your life. This is the day when I thank God for having a beautiful daughter like you. Wish you the brightest and the pleasurable start of New Year. Happy birthday! My adorable daughter!

I would like to say Happy Birthday to my sweetest daughter. She has spirit for days and is truly different. I am very proud of her for understanding herself and being the best she can be.

You are the most wonderful and precious gift of our lifetime and we will be always grateful for that. Have a brilliant birthday, dear!

All the riches of the world wouldn’t make me happier than your smile. Seeing you happy is all I want to make my day. Happy birthday, my angel!

We always thought that we would be the ones to teach you how to be a good daughter. But it turned out that you have been teaching us how to be good parents all along. Happy birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

Try to be little thoughtful and add personalized birthday quotes and love poetry for her, on your daughter’s 21st birthday. Bringing cake and presenting gifts is the usual practice, but when you send a well-crafted poem to your loving daughter, she may feel extremely happy. The birthday cards with beautiful poems and quotes can easily express how much you care for your daughter.

My sweetie! You are the reason of my smiles. You have made my life complete. I feel very blissful to have you.God bless you. Happy birthday my dearest daughter.

Three years ago God gave me the best thing in my life. It was a surprise after waiting 21 years but there she was, my daughter. Happy Birthday to you, I love you so much.

For your birthday, I bought you a double chocolate cake and fudge ice cream, just like you like! Your birthdays are always the best celebrations. Happy birthday, daughter!

To our beloved daughter, you have always made us very proud and for that, we are forever grateful. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday my dear daughter. Wish you strong health, good education and joyful life.

Hurray for finally ushering yourself into teenage. As parents we want to wish you with the most important piece of advice – cherish your innocence and don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Happy birthday to our dear daughter!

Happy birthday! My dear daughter. I love you a lot. You are a beautiful hope and light of my life. May you always be happy and groom yourself with the enchantments.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Sending funny birthday wishes to your daughter is perhaps the best way to make her day even better. Everyone loves enjoying a good laugh, and when the big day is coming, there is nothing better than a funny wish. A hilarious birthday quote or poem can lift your daughter’s spirit and she may feel positive about life. You can make your daughter’s birthday extra special by sending funny wishes and quotes that may bring smile to her face. Trust this! There is nothing better than making your child happy and wishing all the happiness and prosperity in life. Rather than presenting expensive gifts, it is the true feelings that you can express in form of birthday wishes.

I couldn’t believe how swiftly time has passed us by. You’re such a big girl now! May you reach all your dreams and aspirations in life. Have a delightful birthday!

Happy birthday, my love. Oh, and I know about your plans for booze party. Sadly, those plans are canceled, effective immediately. Happy birthday once again, sweet pea.

Happy Birthday to my awesome daughter. I hope you have the best birthday ever. I love you so much. I am blessed to have you as a daughter. Ok, now I’m done with the mushy stuff. Hope you got the monkey card I sent you yesterday.

Happy birthday to our beloved little daughter! You are the source of daily happiness to us, we are so grateful that you came into our life!

On your birthday I wish that your life is not filled with everything and everyone – but the right things and the right people who love you till no end, just like we do. Happy birthday to our precious daughter!

On this beautiful occasion of life, I wish you the massive amount of happiness, cheers, love, prayers and the best wishes. Happy birthday to you! My sweet daughter!

Sometimes I may scold you, I may also get angry. Sometimes I might nag you, I may even be grumpy. But no matter what I do, or how annoying I may seem… all I want is for you, to live all your dreams.

When the world doubted your capabilities because you are a woman, you worked twice as hard to prove them wrong. I think you achieved that stubbornness from me, and I could not be more proud. Happy birthday, my wonderful daughter!

Birthday Wishes to a Daughter from Her Father

Since a single word is a powerful weapon to express feelings and emotions, that could possibly be an expensive gift from a father to a daughter. When your adorable daughter reads the message, it would surely be relaxing for her and at the same time would be able to make a lasting impact on her mind. Birthday poems and wishes definitely cheer up the mood of the recipient. The sweet poetry is the best way to convey your birthday wishes for your dear daughter who deserves to feel special. As a parent, you can also choose to send a sentimental message recalling your past memories and wish your daughter happiness for the future.

Your birthday is indeed the most special day of the year, simply because it’s the day you came into lives and sent us to the moon!

Today we’re holding a party. You’ll blow your birthday candles & make a wish, so wish well! Happy Birthday, darling!

Having a daughter is truly a gift from God. This also means seeing a thousand rainbows each day and a thousand more reasons to smile every day! Happy birthday to your our dear daughter!

Today is special day for you and also for us who love you unconditionally. We wish you beautiful day and amazing future. Yours, mom and dad.

Happy birthday to the best daughter that any parent could ask to have!

My dear daughter! It’s your birthday. I love to celebrate this special day of your life with full of joys and enjoyments. Wish you very happy birthday. Love you forever more. Stay blessed.

I wish you tons of blessings and favor in everything you do. Felicity and laughter too happy birthday!

Daughter Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes

We are so proud of what you have become! Happy birthday our lovely daughter!

I always wished for a daughter, someone who could brighten up my dull life like nothing else could. You have been better than my wildest imaginations. On your special day, all I can offer you is my gratitude for being such an amazing daughter. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

On this day 16 years ago we were happiest people on the planet. We were awarded with a real blessing. Happy bday!

Have a great celebration of this fabulous occasion of your birthday. You are the priceless gift of God. May God shower His blessings upon you with lots of love and comforts. Happy 16th birthday! Have a terrific life ahead. My sweet daughter.

If you are complete in God, you will never have to compete with anyone. life is not a project, it’s a process. It may take a time to get to where we have to be but while we’re getting there, we’re maturing! We have to stay connected to God in order for Him to give us the wisdom to do what he wants us to do each day! Happy 16 birthday my sweetest daughter!

Happy 16 bday to our amazing daughter, bringing so much joy and sunshine to our hearts every day! We are so happy to see that our little princess has grown into a beautiful young lady!

I still remember the time, our daughter when you became. After you came into our lives, things were never the same. Everything became beautiful, prettier and more lovable. We realized that you are not just our daughter, but an angel so special. Happy birthday!

I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve you as my daughter in this lifetime. Whatever it was, it must have been incredible to end up with an incredible daughter like you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

With every birthday celebration of yours, we are always reminded that what really matters most into our life is you. Sweet 16 birthday our cute little princess!

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