Every girl wants her boyfriend to be romantic. She wants you to show her all your love and caring for her in some nice way. Doing romantic things isn’t that hard, for example even such a little thing as a writing a short goodnight poem for your girlfriend will make her extremely happy. Imagine how surprised and amazed she will be if right before sleep she reads a goodnight poem for her from you. Such a nice gesture from you will make your girlfriend love you even more and appreciate you for such a lovely thing.

Good Night Poems for Her

Good night poems for her

I am waiting for you on Facebook chat,And I waiting for Whatsapp statusTo know when you will be onlineI know that you have dinedSo, baby come and we will chat all nightSo, that I forget about the nightThe night will be great because of youI won’t feel the blueBaby come along and miss meI am waiting for that sceneGood nightHave a lovely night!

Goodnight poems for her

Goodnight poems for her

 Nothing in this whole world can come closeTo how I feel when I think about our relationshipIt is sublime and so surrealAlmost like going on a magical tripPeople fall asleep waiting for a new dayI spend the day, waiting for the night to set inThat’s the time when I get to endlessly dreamAbout you, the girl who makes me happy from withinGood night

Goodnight poems for her on pictures

To hearts which near each other moveFrom evening close to morning light,The night is good; because, my love,They never say good-night.

Goodnight Poems for Her

Poems for her good night

During my night walk I heard someone talking to meThe moon told me to look for the owner of my heartI arrive to your house nowAnd I feel like wishing a good night to you, my love.

good night poems for her

Good night poems for her with imgs

Forget about all the bad things that happened todayRemember all the nice onesForget all the nasty stuff people had to sayJust think of all the funRemember the times when you did a good deedForget all the wrongs and rightsTuck yourself for a long night’s sleepJust bidding you a sweet good night

Goodnight poems for her with pics

Goodnight Poems for Girlfriend

Almost all girls love receiving messages from their boyfriends before the go to sleep. If you want to surprise your soul mate, then find some romantic goodnight poems for your girlfriend. There is nothing better than poetry for your beloved ones. And a nice goodnight poem to a girlfriend is the greatest way of expressing your feelings. Don’t underestimate the power of words and believe me, she will be extremely glad if you dedicate poetry for her. So, here we have a list of goodnight poems for a girlfriend, just choose the best one for your partner.

Good night my sweet angel,Have a wonderful night,Do think about me tonightSo, what if I am out of sightStill I am missing you tonightJust want to wish you throughThat you have a wonderful night,Good night!

Goodnight poems for girlfriend

 Like a building without a facadeOr a book without its coverI too am stripped of my identityWhen we’re not togetherAs I stare at the deep night skiesI can’t help but hallucinateAbout how it’d be if right nowWe were out on a romantic date…Good night

Goodnight Poems to Girlfriend

Goodnight poems for girlfriend on pics

I’m glad I have you nearFor the many things you’ve brought meThere’s nothing I shall fearGood night my dear

Goodnight poems for her

Goodnight poems to girlfriend

May the night bring you sweetdreamsmay the gentle wind lull you to sleep like love hymnsmay you have goodnight but a better daymay your dreams be sweet nightmares wont come your wayGoodnight Love

Romantic Good Night Poems for Girlfriend

Goodnight poems to girlfriend on pics

When it is time to sleep I say a prayerThanking God for taking care of my family and meAsking him to give you a peaceful sleepI love you, good night.

Romantic good night poems for girlfriend

In the softest nightFree winter risesMaiden blossoms sincereWeary blossoms adhereWinter grass is nearNaked tenderness is hereWith tired kisses in the airGoodnight springtime with care

Good night poems for girlfriend

Romantic good night poems for girlfriend with pics

Goodnight Love Poems for Her

If you are wondering about some cute ways to say goodnight to your girlfriend, then you are in the right place. Lower, we have a wonderful goodnight love poems for her. Believe me, that words said sincerely can make one’s soul filled with love and caring. Fill your girlfriend’s heart with these incredible goodnight poems for her.

When I think about you,I smile like a fool,Looking at your picture this night,I feel I can literally drool,Want to say that I miss you so muchLonging for your soft touchBaby I am missing you tonightWishing you a good night!

Goodnight love poems for her

My breathing is getting heavyMy eyes are a little flutteryMy heart is beating funnilyI am feeling very lonelyMy fingers are too jitteryMy mind is blank and emptyFrom within, I am feeling shakyI am missing you, babyGood night

Good Night Love Poems for Her

Goodnight love poems for her on pictures

I think your eyes are tiredlooking at this worldreflecting through light,let your eye lashes hugeach other for few hours.happy journey into the dream world.Good Night

Good night love poems for her

You do not know how happy I am with you by my sideMy life would be useless without you in itWe must leave our mistakes behindSo we can be together forever. Good night.Even as you close your eyes in sleepmy love for you remains true and deepit’s you I love and forever will keepjust to say sweet dreams before we both fall asleep

Goodnight Poems for Her Short

Good night love poems for her with images

The birds have stopped chirpingThe sun is finally settingThe moon is brightly shiningThe stars are magically twinklingThe skies are romantically darkeningMy heart is crazily thumpingOur love is madly bubblingI am missing you badly, darlingGood night

Goodnight poems for her short

Night is the time to dreamTo stay in someone’s special thoughts,It is a time to unwind,And then I have to remindTo you, that baby I am missing you tonightAnd I truly love youI know you also doWishing you a good night!

Goodnight short poems for her on images 

Goodnight, my love,though miles away,your voice is all that I needTo lull me to sleepand to know that I’m lovedand that I am yours now to keep.

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